Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Emblems Ranking+Ninja Profile: An addition to NG3's Ninja Records

It is quite apparent that NG3 will have Ninja Records back either the same like in Sigma 2 or quite reformed. Here is something cool I thought of while watching the same E3 demo gameplay videos for countless times.

It is to do with how the player plays the game, as you can tell the player can perform free actions features against enemies and in the game: assassinating enemies from behind and obliterating enemies.

On prior to the Ninja Gaiden 3's Shadow of the World Ninja Records. Apart from getting the Master Ninja Rank, what if we players can get a reward ranking emblems for the amount of actions we do?

Let's say we have Player 1 and Player 2.
*Player 1 loves to OT crawling enemies and doesn't leave a single one alive. However Player 2 loves seeing enemies crawl til they die and rarely OT enemies.
*Player 1 loves to assassinate enemies from behind by always playing stealth; player 2 loves running and fighting instead of playing stealth.

The game's system would count the player actions and determines a ranking emblem for them.

-JaSon Fire-
Adept Ninja | Stealth Assassinator | Obliterator

-Black Xino-
Master Ninja | Dexterity Anxiety | Merciful | Ultimate Killer

As you can see from the example: Stealth Assassinator is awarded for the player performing more Assassination stealth kills. Dexterity Anxiety is rewarded for the player running into the battlefield and fighting.
Obliterator is awarded for the player OT'ing every dying enemies and Merciful is awarded for players leaving crawling enemies to die.
Ultimate Killer is awarded for players who loves to use Ultimate Technique all the time.

I believe this is something players would want to achieve rather than getting the most kills with a weapon or getting 100 combo or even trying to get all achievements. This badge would be something that reflects on their personality and how they play.

When you are about to play Co-op or Team Deathmatch with someone online, if you look at their outcome Ninja Profile you can immediately tell what kind of a player this person is or how they usually play.

It is also something people would want others to understand that their profile reflect their skills. "Yes I'm a master ninja and I want people to know I am an obliterator".

This will also encourage players to be dynamic, instead of a gamer who loves obliterating enemies, why doesn't he allow them to die for once? It allows player to try to experiment different play style rather than just sticking to one.

Here is an example I had to create: it's a Ninja Profile or Ninja Badge.

As you can see this is your Ninja Profile or Ninja Badge. It represents your current statue on your Storymode playthrough if you've beaten Warrior or Master Ninja.
*You can see that Player 1- Black Xino has red background colour, player 2 decided to choose blue. This would allow players to choose their own colour background.

*The image to the right in the box is the player's "Most Used" or Favourite Character. I love using Ayane so the system choose Ayane has my favourite most used character. Player 2's favourite is Ryu.

*Second Coloumn is the emblems that reflects what kind of a ninja they are if they are merciful or obliterator.

*Final is the clan tag name. Ninja Gaiden 3 will have 8 player multiplayer therefore players can create clans. So if you see someone in Silver Plates or Front Wing Clan name under their badge then it means you are fighting one of the clans. Can you eliminate all the players in the Front Wing Clan?:)

The emblems will be rewarded to player either playing online or offline and once achieved player can change it anytime by just playing the opposite play style. Let's say you have an Obliterator badge and want to change it to Merciful, each time you let enemies crawl and die. The points would be deducted to level up the Merciful bar.
I personally HATE maths with all my life but think of it this way:
*Obliterator   |   Merciful
 (50 kills rewards a badge)
50               |      -10

Now in other to get Merciful badge
Obliterator   |   Merciful
 (50 kills rewards a badge)
-21               |      29

And the more you achieve, the more the number grows, so add 25 more merciful achieves to the system and the system would update to Merciful* = 54. Which is above 50 and that should automatically change your status from Obliterator to Merciful.

This would sort of work like inFAMOUS how Cole gets 2 types of personality, if he kills civilians he goes red and if he does good he goes blue.

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