Next Ninja Gaiden title (NG3) to be a Reboot/Retelling 

As Hayashi mentioned during a recent interview with Famistu magazine, he made some highlights for the direction of the next Ninja Gaiden title.

"He seems to be doing something with right hand. Also, there's something not normal about this hand. It's covered in blood, but there's something unnatural regarding the blood."

From my analysis, this could be a direction towards the Vampire war because fiends blood are usually in colour green or purple. He said the blood is unnatural which should come in conclusion that it could be a vampires blood, since vampires blood have the same colour has humans though are infected and unnatural.

"Ninja Gaiden 3 is a numbered title. We're developing it with the idea of restarting at the beginning, saying 'We'd like to make the action game that's most interesting for the current era. "

As you can see from the context; Hayashi clarified that the next Ninja Gaiden title is just in number and not a trilogy. This next title will restart from the beginning meaning it can be a reboot or retelling. Mind you that reboot and retelling are two different things in the gaming industry.
Reboot in terms of gaming means starting from scratch and changing everything from top to bottom therefore leaving the final product inconsistent to the original form. Much like DmC, yes we still have Dante however everything has completely changed from story to the character.
Retelling is much like telling the story in a better prospective, a best example is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. It's a different game in the name of Castlevania however it still holds the DNA of traditional Castlevania games. You can still perceive character names and references from previous titles however this game is telling the story of Castlevania from the beginning and how it should have begone.

Now this will be the same scenario with Ninja Gaiden, remember that Hayashi said it's just a number title. Meaning Ninja Gaiden will hold a different name but will still be called NG3 to some gamers and fans. Much like the new Mortal Kombat game titled "Mortal Kombat" although fans still refer to the title as the latest MK9.

Ninja Gaiden is already a reboot from Classic Ninja Gaiden in which I dub Classic Ryukenden. I have gone over the origin or this title if you read the Ninja Side Story section. Hayashi mentioned that they want to bring NG to our era, now this means many different things in terms of era.

*Who knows fiends could no longer exist and will be replaced as vampire fiends or sort of like human in-bred with a fiends power and vampire's blood.
*No more fantasies- ninpo's, giant statues, over extreme cool moves, country/places that do not even exist etc will all be absent in NG3 and NG3 will lead to a more realism than fiction.
*It can be a mixture of stealth and action hack n slash since a ninja's purpose way of killing is by being stealthy and hiding in the shadow.
*Another term for era- will consist of QTEs, cinematic sequences, online multiplayer, 7hour single player etc

Not to mention that Hayashi once again made something clear

With this meaning, it's going to be a game that's not bound by the past more than necessary. Of course, we will be valuing the past, but in a good meaning we'd like to make it into a game that's not tied down by the past.

Classic Ryukenden will or may be non existence this time around and for good! Classic Ryukenden is holding down Ninja Gaiden from changing and evolving. Then again he may be referring to Ninja Gaiden reboot (NG1, NG2, NG Dragon Sword).

Signification from the previous games would still exist to still give the feel of Ninja Gaiden or define Ryu Hayabusa who he is. Be prepared if you don't see Ninpo's, Windmill Shuriken, Ultimate Technique etc again.

And my favourite part is if we get to have all ninja characters from DOA appear in NG3, as I've explained before that NG cannot be Ryu's game and should be all ninja characters from the DOA franchise. Again this links to the origin of the title Ninja Gaiden meaning Side story, the classic Ninja Gaiden was originally called Ryukenden in Japan in which case proves that was HIS game alone. Now that Ninja Gaiden is a reboot, it shouldn't be bound by Classic Ryukenden.

Ninja Gaiden (Tentative Title) would soon be in the works when PsP 2 gets announced along wiith 3DS, if Team NINJA wants to make a game for Ryu alone, it should be Ryukenden reboot/remake or in the form of Ninja Gaiden 1's chronology with the relating title of Ryukenden.

And finally something I would like to point out is the name of the third title (not a trilogy). If this is a reboot or retelling then the third Ninja Gaiden title should have a different name.

  • Ninja Gaiden: Zero
  • Ninja Gaiden Beginning
  • Ninja Gaiden: Vampire War
  • Ninja Gaiden: Dynasty (because of the Tecmo and Koei merger, they are bound to share each others game principles and DNA)
  • Ninja Gaiden Generations
  • Ninja Gaiden Blood
It's such a shame that Ninja Gaiden Black is given to an expansion pack for Ninja Gaiden 1, and Black would suit NG 3 for the reboot/retelling.
No Ninjas Gaiden for all DOA ninjas to star in Ninjas Gaiden would not work>:/

Since this will be a reboot/retelling; we shouldn't worry about the name for the console Ninja Gaiden 3 for Xbox 360 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3 for PS3.

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