This is how Ninja Gaiden 3's gameplay should play and look like in this mock up image:

The Falcon healthbar shows 3 important things which are the eyes for indicating that a Ultimate Technique can be performed; Ninpo currently selected at the bottom and to the bottom right is a indicator for when performing double ninpo. As for the eyes, I wanted the embedded Falcon to sort of do something more than just decoration of the healthbar. So when ever Ryu charges for Ultimate Technique, the eyes will glow, well of course Ryu is currently in the air and cannot charge for UT. So we can also say that the eyes is a time limit indication for performing UT therefore this will stop players from constantly pulling off UT right after another and spamming it. In Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, most gamers complained about the healthbar not having a ninpo indication slot to notify them on their current selected ninpo. So with the inner enegry Yin Yang will make players aware of their current ninpo (currently set to Piercing Void). And finally the mini slot to the bottom right will glow when a player is ready for Double Ninpo. Most times we gamers do not want to perform Double Ninpo with a partner or A.I. With this slot icon, when a player casts a ninpo; if the player presses the Circle/B button on the controller; the icon will light up telling the partner to cast his own ninpo for a Double Ninpo.

Another new features to the screen are the blur effect and blood splatter on screen. The blur effect is nothing new in Ninja Gaiden Sigma though Ryu is currently firing the Bow at an enemy, thus in Ninja Gaiden 3 when he aims the bow; outer side of the screen should be blurred to make the player focus on the enemy straight ahead (vanishing point). And one thing I did miss from the mock up was the auto aim indicator:/
The second feature is the blood that splatter on the screen, Ryu fired a shot at a ninja not to far away; thus the blood from the ninja's amputated legs splatter on Ryu's face (currently the Screen). Again if we change the scenario, before Ryu fires an arrow, he just recently dispatched a ninja that causes blood to splash on his face/screen.

Looking at the full sized image, look at Ryu's stance and you'd see he is covered in blood. This is nothing new in Hack n Slash as God of War 3 done this right, also indicated from the concept art of Ryu displayed blood over his face. This will be a nice addition to Ninja Gaiden 3 since we could wipe the blood of a weapon before sheathing it.

One thing I did wanted to add to the image was the Ninja Art Style that allows Ryu to wield two weapons. If you can remember from Ninja Gaiden 2 teaser; Ryu had the Claws stapled to his left hand and he was holding the Scythe with his right hand. Though this will change the gameplay completely but Change is always good.


Note to Tecmo Koei as the gamers and fans have decided that PS3's version should be called Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3 (reference to the poll and still counting). It wouldn't make sense to have series with same name and the next part to have a different name. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Ninja Gaiden 3 will be awkward and not to mention that the SIGMA series is the sum of all Ninja Gaiden games and exclusive to PS3. While Ninja Gaiden title is exclusive to Xbox 360, I mean after the trilogy we would want the next title to have exact name for both consoles.

We want Ninja Gaiden 3 for Xbox 360 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3 for PS3.

Since NGS3 will be exclusive to the PS3 we are expecting both versions to be equal however due to Xbox 360 using a limited 7gb disc space. We fear that this will degrade the PS3's version, we know what the PS3/Beast is capable off example God of War 3, Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain. From multiplatform experiences, the PS3's version is always inferior to the Xbox 360 version if the game was made on Xbox 360 and later ported to the PS3. If the game was made firstly on PS3 and later ported to the Xbox 360, the PS3 will look better.

What we are stressing is that Ninja Gaiden 3 should be developed on PS3 first! And later ported to the Xbox 360 version, it isn't our fault that Microsoft decided to use outdated format for a Next Generation console.

As you know we PS3 users hated waiting for a Ninja Gaiden title to be released on PS3 as it was Timed-Exclusive for the Xbox 360. Because of the wait we got nice goodies such as new costumes, extra chapters, new characters, new enemies, new mode etc. Not to alienate the Xbox 360 users, we are not asking that the PS3's version should have more goods than the Xbox 360.
It is noted that Hayashi stated Ninja Gaiden 3 will be released simultaneously on both platforms meaning no time exclusives or delays.

All we want is that Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3 should utilise the capacity of the BluRay disc by filling up the space with contents and goodies. Basically we want:
*6 Axis function back since the PS3's Dual Shock 3 supports 6 axis
*3D Support, there is no point not to include this and making it go to a waste because 3D is the future and not a fad!
*To make this fair, each console should have an exclusive costume relating to the system- for an example PS3 will have a black exclusive costume while the Xbox 360 will have a green or white exclusive costume. This works just like Soul Calibur character console exclusives.
*No point adding MOVE because Ninja Gaiden is a fast paced game, unless Team NINJA adds a unlockable mini game.

Or then again, add more stuff on PS3's disc and make them DLC for Xbox Live free of charge.

I wouldn't say there is nothing wrong with Sigma 2's Team Mission menu screen, I just created this because I wanted to express 2 things which are the Time countdown and the Circle/B button.
We should get approximately 60sec to set up our character and during the Game Over screen, we should only get 15sec or better 10sec.
The second thing I wanted to talk about is the Circle button to go back. The circle button should be used to cancel the Character selection when Ready and also to go back to the menu. I mean there are times I get Ready and my partner is idle which forces me to wait 60sec countdown time for the match to start.

And also once both players have completed a mission and the results displays the karma point, the system should ask the player "If they would like to play Another Missions Again", not "Do you want to play the mission again". This english confuses many players and provokes them to quit the match because they think the host wants to play the same mission again, but rather wants to pick a different mission.


  1. nice photoshop work

  2. good photoshop skills

  3. I agree with most of what you said, but filling the screen with blood may confuse you in such fast paced game

  4. they brought kasumi as well, oh man.. four girls? now what is wrong with the producers? where is the japanese honor?

  5. That's a mock up image as I wish for Kasumi to be in the game.

  6. This has got to be the dumbest article I have ever read on the internet regarding games. Some of the ideas are just plain stupid and I could see why developers shouldn't let fans put their 2 cents in.

    Also the 360 holding back the PS3 claim is just absurd. If anything the PS3 holds back the 360 with it's awful GPU.

    Please Tecmo don't listen to this nonsense.

  7. yes you have got to be one of the most stupidest idiot on the internet.

    Anonymous with no name= troll. Why should Tecmo listen to a retard like you?

    owned! go troll someone else's blog!

  8. This has got to be the dumbest article I have ever read on the internet regarding games. Some of the ideas are just plain stupid and I could see why developers shouldn't let fans put their 2 cents in.

    Also the 360 holding back the PS3 claim is just absurd. If anything the PS3 holds back the 360 with it's awful GPU.

    ^^^ agree with this guy , I mean why would you make the eagle's eyes light up for a UT? I'm looking at the battlefield when I play not the damned eagle!

    And as far as the blood are you retarded? How you suppose to see the battle you clown! LOL

    I would tell TECMO not to listen to anything you say but I'm sure they wouldn't anyway.

  9. even without putting your name, I already know who you are, so keep trying harder son.
    And thanks for giving my site hits.

    Remember your hate is not infecting me nor my site but doing me and my site a big favour!

  10. Not sure what the deal is with you 'telling' Tecmo what they should and shouldn't do. Advice is one thing, but they have no obligation to accept being talked down to like this.

  11. thanks for reading and be sure to tell your friends about this site!

  12. Nice blog. You really have some passion for the series....i know i started one with King of fighters 13 :)...Here are some of my ideas for Tecmo to improve the game:

    -put a list with your combos inputs
    -a better caracteristic that will really show you when an enemy is opened for a finishing move (dismember was better in NG2)
    -don't need pushing a button for every step on climbing sections
    -finishers must be executed with only the strong action button (in some situations you will end up performing finishers when you think you started a simple combo with the weak action button)
    -a health bar for the bosses (i want to see how much health they have in different moments)
    -balance the AI with the other ninpos from previous NG. We need a more flexible ninpo system. In some areas filled with stronger enemies you will die many times until your Dragon ninpo fills up....keep this ninpo system but also bring back the more flexible ninpo system from NG 2: If i conserve a ninpo in an area i want to use it latter maybe....You can also bring all the others Ninpos.......every stage can have a ninpo from previous NG that you can use it in a more flexible way and this Dragon ninpo that we can consider an ultimate attack