Thursday, 30 June 2011

What Ninja Gaiden 3 can look like in 3D

Here are two 3d anaglyph images I created for NG3. It gives off a feeling how the game might look like in 3D stereo without the classics.

You need red+blue glasses to experience the effect.

Purpose of the 3D that would work well with NG3 is that when Steel on Bone triggers and the camera zooms in, the 3d effect will focus more on the sword impaling the enemy and sticking out right in your face.

Here is the trailer I made in 3D


  1. Nothing but biased opinions in this blog. This guy is clearly a PS3 Fanboy & a goon

  2. ok so if I prefer beer over wine does that make me a beer fanboy?
    also you are the fanboy here just because I'm making an article how NG3 might look like in 3D Anaglyph doesn't mean I'm talking about PS3.