Sunday, 6 February 2011

Weapon Upgrade System 2.0

Since Hayashi stated that Ninja Gaiden 3 will not use the old upgrading system from previous Ninja Gaiden games and will indeed use a new type of upgrading system. Coming up with an idea for the new game based on weapon upgrading might be useless since I don't even know if this new system will not coherent with my idea, thus I will still mention it because who knows it might be considered or even relate to the new system.

1. Ryu just picked up the Dabilahro from a dead ninja
2. He uses the weapon on a few kunoichis and ninjas
3. The weapon's endurable wears out meaning if the original state of Dabilahro (how Ryu found it) could do 4x damage to a single enemy. Once it's durable wears out, it will do 2x damage instead.
4. Ryu would take the weapon to Muramasa to repair it, repairing the weapon will make the Dabilahro fresh and stronger making it perform 5x damage.

So basically the principle works like this: You collect a weapon and each time you use it on an enemy it's durability runs out; when weakened the weapon's damage will be useless and Ryu must repair it, upon repairing it, the weapon will be good as new as well as being stronger than before.

I'll explain it again: (Dragon Sword Max 5 level)
*Dragon Sword  lvl 1= 2x damage
*Dragon Sword weak lvl 1= 1x damage
*Dragon Sword repaired
-Dragon Sword lvl 2= 3x damage
*Dragon Sword repaired
-Dragon Sword lvl 3= 4x damage
*Dragon Sword weak lvl 3= 3x damage (basically it levels down in damage)
*Dragon Sword repaired lvl 4= 5x damage
*Dragon Sword repaired
-Dragon Sword lvl 5 (MAX)= 6x damage
*Dragon Sword weak lvl 5= 5x damage
*Dragon Sword repaired
-Dragon Sword lvl 5= 6x damage (meaning it can't be upgraded any further but will be renewed once repaired!)

Also we can limit the amount of uses per level:

Level 1= 50 uses
Level 2= 100 uses
Level 3= 120 uses
Level 4= 150 uses

So obviously if Ryu uses the Nunchunk in level 2 100 times, it will weaken lowering the damage and forcing Ryu to upgrade.

Good idea? a step forward or backwards? do you think it's the new Ninja Gaiden 3 upgrading system?
I don't need to create a concept for this.


A friend of mine said "it's not bad, but I think the last level should be unwearable, meaning that there'll be no need to repair it after reaching lv.5"

How right he is, though the reason why I said the MAX level can still be durable is to make sure the money used to upgrade can still be worth spending. In Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 or Ninja Gaiden Black, after using your money to fully upgrade all your weapons, afterwards the money becomes useless in spending and can only be used to buy health items and devil kis.

Even though you have fully maximise your weapon, it can still wear from constant use; this will still  force you to spend money to upgrade and put earning money or karma to use. There's no point in still gathering lots of karma/money if your weapon cannot upgrade any further.

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