Sunday, 6 February 2011

Explosive Kunai Dynamic

When you use the Explosive Kunai or Incendiary Shuriken dart or Explosive dart whatever people calls it, if you see how it works and see it in action; you'd notice it's actually outdated and not that useful in terms of "mechanic".
If an enemy throws an explosive dart at you, the time ticks and counts down doesn't it and then explodes?

Now imagine if you map the Explosive Darts to your Primary Projectile slot, you press B/Circle and Ryu throws a dart that explodes instantly upon contact with an object or enemy. What if you hold down the B/Circle button for 3 seconds; let go and when your explosive dart touches an enemy or an object; it delays for 3 seconds and then explode?

This is another way of playing strategic in Ninja Gaiden 3, I am not making the game feel easier by holding down B/Circle to charge for Ultimate Technique; and once I release the button Ryu throws about 3 or 4 explosive darts that gives extra damage upon impact. Why is this system Explosive Dart called dynamic? because if you hold down the B/Circle button for some time, the time you used up will reflect to the explosive thrown at an enemy.

If I hold the button for 10 second and let go; the explosive dart will be timed for 10sec and then explode!
If you look at the original explosive dart, it really doesn't offer anything in "timed"-explosive, it's just more of a shuriken that can explode on contact with an enemy. With this new explosive dart using a dynamic mechanic, you can hold the button for a short time and the time held will reflect to the explosive dart thrown.

"In terms of being dynamic, how exactly would this affect the gameplay?"
Well imagine you see a Berserker, you hold down the B/Circle button for 5 second, while running away as the Berserker pursuits you, once you throw it to the ground, if the Berserker runs by it on time with the -timed- explosive dart, the Berserker will get affected once the dart explodes.

Observe Ayane's explosive kunai and just imagine if you can set the timer for the kunai to explode, it will bring new possible gameplay and strategies.

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