Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Art of the Inferno Sphere

Imagine Ryu surrounded by 10 ninjas in a circle and 2 in front of him, what would Ryu do or how would he get out of it? With the Inferno Sphere, Ryu can cast this ninpo and will encircle Ryu with protective burning flames, leaving Ryu to duel out with those 2 ninjas in front of him.

How cool is that? this ninpo will be perfect for crowd control and allows Ryu to focus on couple of enemies without the rest of the packs interfering. Let's say Maskado Flaming Samurai with his minions Ninjas. If you want to personally deal with Maskado alone without his minions ganging up on you; if Maskado gets close to you, you can cast the Inferno Sphere. The Inferno Sphere will leave the ground burning surrounding Ryu & Maskado, if the minions tries to get close to Ryu they'll would get burnt.

I think this ninpo is a good addition to Ninja Gaiden 3, it works like Art of the Fire Wheel; thus the difference between Inferno Sphere and Art of the Fire Wheel is that Fire Wheel protects you from harm and allowing you to move freely. Whilst Inferno Sphere reduces the enemies approach though you can still be harmed by projectile, it works more like a `crowd control`.

As you can see, Ryu cast the ninpo at medium range next to an enemy. The ninpo surrounds Ryu and the enemy in flames so that other enemies cannot get closer to them. Enemies projectiles can still get pass through the fire and hurt Ryu.

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