Saturday, 22 January 2011

Reverse Guarding

Again talking about the Art of the Teleporting Falcon for the third and final time. In contrast to talking about Bayonetta being the King of Hack n Slash and no other hack n slash can topple it.
I was sleeping and in the midst of waking up, an idea was flowing in my head.

Reverse Guarding is the ultimate form of the Art of the Teleporting Falcon, now if you've read my idea of what the Teleporting Falcon is; you'd noticed it's a ninpo that grants Ryu the ability to teleport like he does at the end of Ninja Gaiden 1 or in DOA 4.

Now forget Teleporting Falcon as a ninpo, the Teleporting Falcon will be in a form of Reverse Guarding. And what is Reverse Guarding? Reverse Guarding is a stance when Ryu blocks an attack, Ryu would teleport randomly behind the enemy either behind, left or right in order to catch the enemy off guard. In contrast to Bayonetta using the bracelet that can Repel any attacks (I think it's the Moon of Mahaa Kalaa).

Once Ryu guards an attack and teleports behind the enemy, he can counter and attack the enemy from behind; mind you that smarter enemies and stronger enemies can predict this and will obviously find a way to attack from behind. It is really hard to explain, just think Bayonetta repelling multiple attacks and imagine Ryu teleporting behind an attack, enemy turns 360degree and attacks, Ryu blocks and teleports to the left, Enemy turns to the left and attacks Ryu as Ryu blocks and teleport in front of him.

Here are 2 videos to show you how the Repel in Bayonetta works for people who haven't seen it.

As you can see from the above video examples, you press Block on an attack and Bayonetta repels it, and goes in Witch Time if timed correctly. Now imagine you pressing Block at an exact attack, and Ryu teleports behind the enemy. Imagine surrounded by 3 enemies, you block 1 enemy's attack and teleport, you block another enemy's attack and teleport again and you block the last enemy's attack and teleport one more time.
This will make Ninja Gaiden more fast pace or if not strategic!
No there wouldn't be slow motion or what ever. Obviously this technique will be optional because some people will feel that it would make Ninja Gaiden easy, however in terms of competition and SWOT, Team NINJA will have to use what ever means to make Ninja Gaiden better than other competition out there (Asura's Wrath, DmC, Bayonetta, Knights Contract).
You can toggle the technique on/off.


Ok I've finally made two example gifs:)

Ryu runs towards an enemy, smart A.I enemy attacks, Ryu Reverse Guards and teleports behind enemy A.I, enemy A.I predicted and attacks behind, Ryu successfully Reverse Guards again and teleports in front of enemy and finally enemy attacks from behind again and Ryu once again successfully Reverse Guard the final attack. Now finally behind enemy, Ryu can then attack enemy A.I.

Fig. 2. Ryu runs in front of A.I 1, A.I 1 attacks and Ryu sucessfully Reverse Guard; A.I 2 behind Ryu attacks and Ryu reverse guard again and teleports behind A.I 3; and thus A.I 3 attacks Ryu and finally Ryu Reverse Guard spot on and teleported behind AI 3. 

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