Saturday, 24 July 2010

One more important thing

This page will be updated by ideas later thought of by me

Ultimate Ninpo Indicator
If a player activates a ninpo to perform ultimate ninpo, there should be a sign, message, hud, guage or small tick box that should display on the screen and notify the second player that the first player wants to perform a Double Ninpo.
There are times during Team missions I just want to use my own Piercing Void ninpo attack though my partner assumes I want to perform double ninpo but truly I didn't want Ultimate Ninpo.

To Fix: When a player casts a ninpo, if the player wants to perform a Double Ninpo with second partner, player should press the Circle button again to indicate the sign that a Ultimate Ninpo is pending while the animation plays. This will notify the second player and then he can perform double ninpo with Triangle+Circle button. If player 1 casts a ninpo and player 2 cast a ninpo too, this should not activate double ninpo unless one of the player presses Circle before the second triggers it or both player press the Circle button after casting a ninpo while the animation plays.

Also another option to differentiate double ninpo casting is if players do want to perform double ninpo cast, both players would be at a close range for the double ninpo to activate. So if player 1 casts a ninpo; player 2 would have to get in close range with player 2 if he wants to perform double ninpo or not.

Boss Ultimate Technique
When fighting bosses I want them to perform their own power attack or Ultimate Technique by absorbing the essence you perceived by killing boss minors. I love the feeling of fighting Doku how he could perform his own UT without you seeing how he does it. When playing Sigma 2 I just love how I could observe Marbus absor the essence dropped by his minors and use it to perform a powerful Demon Sky Dive. Not only will this make the match intense but it would even the match and make it more realistic and fair.

 How bosses can perform their powerful UT by absorbing the essence you perceived, this will change the player's tactic into fighting the boss with the weapon's move and not farming UT against the boss. Also it will give the player time to think when you kill a minor and it dropping the essence or the player using the essence to his advantage.

Duel Swords custom (user Felstar)
As we fans demand for the return of the Kitsesu weapon; we would like to customise the Dragon Sword and Tiger fangs, for an example I would like to use the Dragon Sword+Kitsesu, or Dragon Sword+Archfiend Blade. Not only would using a different katana with the dragon sword make appearance different but which customs will allow us to use different movesets. If I were to use Dragon Sword+Kitsesu I would be able to perform Bind Soul.

Unlock with Sigma 2 save (user Felstar)
This is a clever idea and I do not know why developers ignore this method, if anybody has Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 saves, if they play Ninja Gaiden 3 they could unlock something special. Like they could unlock a costume from NGS2 or Archfiend blade. Also if Ninja Gaiden 3 on PS3 would have the same content as Xbox 360, it would be wise if we could get a special exclusive unlock by owning Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 save.

Updating Art of the Teleporting Falcon
As for the Art of the Teleporting Falcon I thought I might add that every time Ryu teleports with this ninpo he gains the advantage of acquiring an Ultimate Technique stance.

Confined rooms for Agility
We need more rooms and environments that can Ryu to use all his agility to the fullest such as running on wall and jump+wall+attacking. The Eternal Legends stage from Ninja Gaiden Black is an example, in Ninja Gaiden 2 we couldn't perform enough wall attacks to enemies or does Team NINJA dislike player using that method?:/

Fiend Challenges
Bring them back! Also when bringing back the fiend challenges please find a way to indicate users they are in a fiend challenge, because most people happen to skip them due to survival or having to kill respawning enemies.

Resisting Enemies
I forgot to add something noticeable and quite important; it's to do with obliteration Technique on enemies. The problem is everytime Ryu performs OT on an enemy; the enemy does not struggle with pain or resist Ryu. I'm playing God of War 3 and when Kratos finishes off an enemy, the enemy will struggle to escape or survive. Take the beautiful Medusa for an example; she tries crawling away and Kratos keeps dragging her until he grabs her hair then you see Medusa screaming and Kratos stabs her face. Not only in God of War 3 but in Wolverine's Origin, enemies will scream at Wolverine or struggle to escape before Wolverine tears them apart.
This is something I think Ninja Gaiden 3 should address on if it'll have Obliteration Technique to it, enemies should not stand like a dummy while Ryu rips them apart. If Ryu stuck his claws to a ninja's face, ninja should grab Ryu's arm trying to make him get off until Ryu rips the face apart.

Please fix the glitches and exploits for Ninja Gaiden 3 since Sigma 2 was riddled with so much exploits people abused. Infinite Izuna dropping Genshin, invincible hit damage when using Dual Katana vs bosses, Elizabeth A.I that is so impossible to get a hit on her half the time and etc. Basically just proof test the game to make sure players cannot exploit the glitches. Ninja Gaiden 1/Black/Sigma was glitch/exploitation free.

More interactive environments, allows us to use canisters and explosive barrels against enemies. This refreshes the combat instead of hacking and slashing all the time.

Mist effect
Please remove the purple haze effect, I'm pretty much not bothered about this but blood adds something special to Ninja Gaiden. If I were to perform Izuna Drop to a ninja and see his head pop, the blood that splatters gives it a brutal damaging finish while the purple mist makes it look flashy.

Adding QTE to Ninja Gaiden 3 would be cool, though we want something cinematic while using QTE. Buttons on screen should not distract players from missing the real time action, buttons should be displayed away from action focus point much like God of War 3 does. Since buttons on GOW3 are placed on the corner margins not to distract the player.
The best example I could think of for a good QTE will be a duel sword clash. Like the classic Samurai duel whereas 1 person stands at a end and the other person stands opposite him; both will run at each other and strike.

If Ninja Gaiden 3 would have something like this, it would be like a ninja hiding in the shadows and attacking Ryu off guard. QTE will occur and you have to press button sequences for Ryu to block the assassin's attack and final sequence, if player pushes the right button will allow Ryu to give a one fatal killing blow/strike to the enemy.

QTE Optional.

If PS3's version will be called Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3, then we need some extra exclusive features for the PS3 version. Since Sigma is the sum of all:/
It will be stupid to have PS3- Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Ninja Gaiden 3:/
Ninja Gaiden and Sigma are too different yet similar games, each exclusive to their respective consoles.

Chapter Select
Ninja Gaiden 3 will and should use Non Linear gameplay meaning we can backtrack around maps. How would Chapter Select work against this, if we are allowed to back track in maps a chapter select will not work due to the game not being Linear. The only way to fix this is to give us a Act Select, basically we jump to any Act scene in the game similar to Ninja Gaiden 1. Or just use a Chapter Map Select, we jump straight to a  Act that geographs in a different map. For an example Act 4 could be located in a map Africa, while Act 5 will be located in the map Ice Land.


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