Friday, 17 December 2010

Ninja Versus

Ninja Versus Mode
I've agreed and so did others saying that a Versus mode will not work for a strategic game like Ninja Gaiden. Basically all you can do to win over is block, block, counter, flying swallow or Izuna Drop your opponent. We've seen how Evil Ryu fights with you, he blocks most of the time and counters and you have to use the environment while waiting for an opening to strike.

The reason why I've changed my mind is because I don't want to ignore opportunities and features that would indefinitely make the game better by improvising. Why should Ninja Gaiden be limited to the same features and ignore 1 feature to essentially make it better? Sure if Versus mode may not work out as balanced as visualised, then there must be an alternate way to balance it instead of practically ignoring such a good feature.

In order to balance the issue of the Ninja Versus mode so it can be playable to veterans, intermediates and in Newbies. The Ninja Versus mode will work similar to Resident Evil 5's- Versus. Basically one player can be Ayane while the second player plays as Ryu for an example. There will be enemies on screen trying to kill both Players. Players can play the game three ways:
1. Eliminate one and other from the start of the battle and the remaining player can take of the rest of the enemies.
2. Both players work together to finish off all enemies and both players must stand off against one another and someone must be the last man standing. The reason for both players working together is that; they can avoid getting overpowered by the enemies A.Is.
3. Both players use the enemies to their advantage- *player 1 is getting chased by Berserker Fiends, *player 1 runs next to **player 2 and Bersekers changes their target towards **player 2 instead. In the end both players will fight one another while also trying to fend off the enemies.

How can a player host a game or a player join a host? I'll suggest possible ways a player can join a hosted match or how a Ninja Versus should play like:

-1. User Versus- We can say this would allow a user enemy generator, that basically allows the host to spawn any enemies on screen that both players must overcome. X-Men Wolverine's Origin and God of War 3 had this feature. About this particular feature; I am not very fond of it because you are training and challenging yourself, rather than trying to beat the developer's challenge. With this feature, it would work perfectly for a Versus mode. I can make Berserkers respawn 10 times until one of the players is defeated by their opponent, this will give me a challenge in tackling berserkers and also my opponent. HOWEVER it can make things harder for my opponent because berserkers are easy to dispatch while my opponent will have difficutlties dealing with them.

-2. Everlasting Mode (Survival) Duel: Basically a survival mode that pitches 2 players head to head and must handle random infinite respawing enemies. Like the whole purpose of this mode is Ninja Versus, the last standing ninja wins. Therefore 2 players will fight in an area full of respawning enemies, until one player dies either by the ends of an enemy or by the player, the surviving player will automatically be the winner and match will end. 

The positive for this feature means a dynamic gameplay and players will be forced to constantly rethink their strategies because of random enemies that respawn while dealing with their opponent. For an instance ninjas were spawned; I would know this is my chance to advance to my opponent and deal with him while my opponent is busy killing the lesser ninjas. Once a few ninjas are disregarded, fiend cats will spawn and I must rethink my plan because the cat fiends are cunning and can catch up with me while I run towards my opponent.

Not only will this be a dynamic strategic changer but will give Ninja dogs and edge over Master ninja players. Then again Master Ninja players would find it easy if Ninja Dog players cannot handle the random enemies on screen and may eventually die before the master ninja player gets to him.

-3. Duel Missions- Basically missions set by the developers and players can battle in any stage. This will be the most balanced game type because players would know their individual skills and what sort of mission they can play in to battle against their rivals. 
Think of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2's Team Missions; you have Acolyte Missions, Warrior Missions, Mentor Missions, Master Ninja Missions and Ultimate Ninja Missions. Each missions have different levels and types of enemies that spawns.

Now think of Duel Missions- 
(Master Ninja- Mission 3) Defeat your adversary while dealing with the fiend bosses.
Only master ninja players can play this mission. Alexia who is the first boss will approach both players while both players are trying to attack one and other. Which ever players falls first is the loser and match ends.
Once again, like I said above players can play the game 3 different ways.
They can chose to eliminate one another as soon as the match starts, work co-op and defeat all bosses so that both can face off in the end; or both players use the bosses as their advantage.

Another example.
(Ultimate Ninja- Mission 3) Defeat your adversary while dealing with the Giant Statues.
1. Kill each other from start
2. work together until bosses are dead and stand against one and other
3. use the statues as your advantage!

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