Sunday, 18 July 2010

End of all ideas

Ok...I can't think of anymore ideas to further improve Ninja Gaiden 3 or wishlists.
Since I know Nintendo, who normally make fun with their game names, what I'm talking about is most all their games are named after their system.

Super Nintendo- Super Mario, Super Metroid, Super Street Fighter etc
Nintendo DS- Ninja Gaiden DS (Dragon Sword), Megaman ZS (slightly sounds like DS), Mario Kart DS etc
Nintendo 3DS- Ninja Gaiden 3(DS):/
And this so called Ninja Gaiden 3 for PS3/Xbox 360 could just be called Ninja Gaiden Vampire Wars.

Alright, I'll wrap things up with this post, these are all my ideas for further improving NG3, I'll go back to my previous ideas and proof read them, polish them and give more details to them. Although I'm still thinking of some more ideas, but I'm not the game developer or director. I still have concept arts to draw though. I can't believe I wasted my money on this damn tablet pen:/ I should have just scan the drawn paper like I intended to do previously.

(I've included my version design of the Modern Ryukenden costume.)


  1. Sent this wishlist to Hayashi/Tecmo. They have to read your blog.

  2. if you do have a way to get to Team NINJA, please do. I do know they speak Japanese and will not understand this blog since it's written in English.

    But I just hope they see this blog and scheme through the ideas (images) and see what they think.