Thursday, 8 July 2010

Ninja Cinema

Ninja Cinema was a nice additional feature in Ninja Gaiden 2 although one flaw it had was you could only upload your video to the leaderboard if you are under the 2000 ranking, apart from that you could only upload 1 video. Sigma 2 manages to fix this problem by allowing us to upload our video to which ever position we rank in, although one problem with Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 was that it doesn't actually record the player's gameplay. The recording is just recorded as a script and A.I plays the automated script.

A lot of people thought Halo 3 was the first to use the Recording feature but it was actually Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate that introduced this feature and nailed it. Ninja Gaiden 2 was a step back for using this feature.

Personally I'm not bothered about this Ninja Cinema because I'll focus my time on Team Missions, Co-oP side story and Everlasting Mode online.

However I've listed out features fans would love to have in the Ninja Cinema mode.

Ninja Cinema player
This picture shouldn't originally be blurred out, but I mistakenly saved over one of the original file with the annotation update:/
PLAY- You play the video file
PAUSE- You pause the video
REWIND- You rewind the video file 2x speed
FAST FORWARD- You fastforward the video file
STOP- Stop the video playback and return to Ninja Cinema menu
TAKE PHOTO- Take a snap shot of the paused picture, (photos will be saved to the PS3's HDD)
DISPLAY MENU- Displays Ninja Cinema Player buttons
ZOOM- Zoom in 2x until it reaches it's max and then returns back to original screen.
RATE- Rate the video out of 5 stars
FILTER- Change the filter graphics of the video.

All these features will be enough, fans and players you need to understand that this is an Hack n Slash. Originally you are meant to play this game and enjoy it, not by fiddling with Ninja cinema recording mode in order to show off. The whole purpose of games having a record feature is to capture your greatest moments in gamings. The reason why I'm saying this is because most people would want more out of the Ninja Cinema mode such as Panning the screen, changing the screen aspect, rotating the camera, trimming/editing the video and etc. I wish Team NINJA should focus the development on gameplay and using extra time just to improve the Ninja Cinema and not bother trying to make it 10x better than before or pulling out a Halo 3 recording mode.

If Ninja Cinema would allow every gamers to upload videos to the leaderboard regardless of what ever ranking, I assume it would use the same script recording feature just like Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 to conserve space for the server. This is fine by me though I want us gamers to be able to upload more than 1 video to the leader board. Since the space required for those scripted recording only takes KB in space. Uploading up to 3 videos is fine.

We would like to watch other gamer's gameplay and rate them from 1-5 stars if they are boring, enjoyable or awesome. That is why I added a Rating feature to the Ninja Cinema Player.

I added a Filter feature so we can change the filter settings when watching videos, like Black and White, Retro, Bloody Mode (screen is all red in colour), Sepia tone filter, Noise filter, Next Gen filter, and Negative filter.
As for the Bloody mode, everything will be red but the blood that comes out of enemies will be vibrant.

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