Monday, 5 July 2010


We want all ninjas from Dead or Alive to be in Ninja Gaiden, all ninjas share relations with one another in DOA, if Ninja Gaiden can be Ryu's game, why was Ayane included in the game? To make matters worst Ayane isn't interested in Ryu, it's Kasumi that loves Hayabusa and Ayane likes Hayate. There isn't any back story to Hayabusa liking Kasumi or romance relationship with one another.
I love the hint of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 that showed  a cameo of Kasumi. "Of course, these secret elements will also be in there locked away in the story too,". So I'm hoping Kasumi and all other ninjas makes it to Ninja Gaiden 3.

We so want to play as Kasumi, Itagaki used an excuse to say that Kasumi can't be in Ninja Gaiden game because she is too soft to be in a bloody world of surivival. Well that's load of bullocks in the story of DOA 3, she was forced to defend herself ever since she became a runaway shinobi, ninjas from Hayate clan have been long tracking her down and trying to kill her. She survived by defending herself and killing those ninjas. So therefore, Kasumi is qualified to be in Ninja Gaiden 3.
I love this costume, it's so damn nice!

At first when I heard about the cameo of her being in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and she's meant to be in Ninja Gaiden 3. I was furious and resented her from being in the game, though after learning about Ninja Gaiden meaning and the purpose and need to expand Ninja Gaiden franchise in order to topple other beast Hack n Slash games such as Bayonetta, Kasumi needs to be in this game.
After watching this video, you know that most of her signature moves performed in this video can be used in Ninja Gaiden 3. We saw her Flying Swallow at 1:48, she saw her Guillotine Throw at 1:38 and just look at her combo moves at 3:05.

Why should you mention Kasumi, Ayane or Hayabusa without thinking of Hayate? Hayate and Hayabusa are both best friends, as well as rivals, if they are best friends in Ninja Gaiden 3 he just can be a co-op partner or someone that supplies Ryu with information. If he's a rival in Ninja Gaiden 3, we might as well fight him in Storymode, replacing Evil Ryu doppelgänger. If Ninja Gaiden can be about Ryu's game and Ryu is well connected to all ninjas in DOA, therefore all ninjas should debut in Ninja Gaiden.

Joe Hayabusa
Need I say more!? Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 allowed us to use Joe Hayabusa's ancient costume for Ryu, shouldn't that indicate something?

One final note on this; please make sure all characters have the mature look and not the anime look from DOA games.
Ayane Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 to the left, Ayane Ninja Gaiden 2 to the right. What one looks better?

I so hate the way Ayane looks in Ninja Gaiden 2; everytime I see this image, it pisses me off so much, I want Kasumi, Hayate and other characters to have this new design look in their face, a matter of fact, all DOA characters should maintain this new look.

Gold Hair woman
Ninja Gaiden 2, Chapter 5, Himomaru's diary reads "I fight. That is all I know, that is all I do."
I can't type out the rest because I can't be bothered to type it all out while playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, or finding a resource that has all notebooks from Ninja Gaiden 2. Not much was explained about Himomaru, before dying, he said he saw a "woman with hair of gold". We don't know if the woman with golden hair is a warrior/fighter or just someone in Venice City, however it would be a nice addition to add a new character to Ninja Gaiden universe.

Black-robe Master
The master from a foreign land who eventually got rid of the King of Darkness by assassinating him and his armies. Once getting rid of the King of Darkness's rein, the Black-robe Master disappear and history did not write his timeline making him a legend or a myth.

The Black-robe Master can return in Ninja Gaiden 3 as an ally or enemy to Ryu, being an ally, the Master can even teach Ryu a few tricks.


  1. i think the golden hair woman might have been tina or helena most likely helena cuz she has been with ryu sometimes or hinomaru could have been shot it the head by helena like in doa 3 so it could have been helena

  2. oh btw i would like hitomi in this game to

  3. oh and it can also be rachel

  4. yes...being Rachel can make sense, considering one of the Black Spider Ninjas noted it in the diary that he saw a blonde woman in Tairon.

  5. i just beat sigma and i think the gold hair woman is actually Sonia

  6. Team Ninja should also consider doing what Kojima did and make a game with the whole Hayabusa clan history including all the ninja's back story's like the Metal Gear Solid saga did with Metal Gear Solid 3

  7. well doing the backstory would require someone to do much work on story ark, and I don't think Team NINJA focuses on heavy story; although Ninja Gaiden 3's story will focus only on Ryu.

    Sonia also makes sense.

    and it's good you beat Sigma, now get Sigma 2:)

  8. I think that they should make a Ninja Gaiden-like game with the story of Kasumi, Ayane, Hayabusa and Hayate.. their stories before the tournaments.. but Kasumi being playable in Ninja Gaiden 3 would be a dream for me!