Saturday, 10 July 2010


Ninja Dog (dawg:P)
Ninja Dog is for the new beginners who are getting into Hack n Slash genres, enemies should be easy to kill, system should not bombard the players with lots of enemies on screen at once. Fighting up to 5 enemies will be enough for the player, enemies shouldn't be tough like Berserkers, they should be something like Zombies, imp fiends etc. Grant the player access to lots of health replenishment, ninpo uses and talismans of the gods.

Path of the Warrior/Normal
The normal difficulty should test the player's wits, everything is merely normal how it should be and how it should play, unexpected moments and surprises too.

Mentor/Very Hard
This mode is basically there to test the player's skills, their knowledge of understanding the sort of weapons that are capable of dealing with certain types of enemies and what moves to use. Things will be difficult such as purchasing items from Muramasa, everything is quite expensive as well. Delay on upgrading weapons, for an example you start Stage 1 in Normal mode with Dragon Sword, however in Mentor mode you start with a Wooden Sword instead. Enemies will have an expanded vital health and will take quite an amount of hits to kill them.

Master Ninja
The hardest difficulty, this mode should not grant accomplishment to anybody! Players must understand everything about this game, what works and what doesn't. A fatal mistake will not cost you a large amount of health taken away from you but will cost you nearly your life instead. You must understand the best weapon for any enemy, the best moves for an enemy, using the environment to your purpose and survival. Recession has gotten Muramasa too, so everything is expensive! You are expected not to take large amount of damages during battles since you will need your 3000 karma essence to buy a single Large Spiritual Elixir for 2 battles ahead, rather than using the Spiritual Elixir to heal yourself after a recent battle. Ryu's agility is required, Wind run, wind path, stunning with shurikens, using arrows etc to survive. New enemies will also appear, we will not fight Berserkers in Mentor mode though they are surely waiting for players in Master Ninja Mode. Players will have to be aware of the unexpected that is to happen and surprises.

**Unexpected surprises are enemies who could shoot arrows without you seeing them, enemies who could jump on Ryu and explode without you knowing. It's similar to Ayane's stage in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

Basically all these difficulty were preserved from Ninja Gaiden Black, so everything I typed are not new, since they are already from Ninja Gaiden Black.

I really don't want Master Ninja to be accessible to all players just because they have finished Mentor Mode. Sure Ninja Gaiden (Revamp) may be a difficult game but it isn't difficult from my standards. It works like an RPG or time dedication. I've played other hard games that I couldn't even finish in Normal mode- Battletoads, Ghost n Ghouls, Sky Blazer, Super Contra 3, etc and Konami games all the time! These games could not be finished in Normal Mode. Then you have other games that gave you an awesome experience in Normal mode, though harder difficulty were punishing! Capcom games had punishing difficulty in HARD mode and only a handful could finish those games if you knew the ins and outs of those games.

People who enjoyed Ninja Gaiden just want to show off that they too can be Master Ninja due to a large proportion did. This is really sad because they are not inspired or motivated to do so, they just feel that it's something they could do if others did it. I want Master Ninja mode to separate the Sheep from the Wolves!

Players should learn to understand their limits, I know my limits when I play games and if I can't finish games like DooM 3 in Ultra difficulty mode, then I shouldn't! The mode isn't for me but for people who would dedicate their time to the game and achieved the impossible.

This is how I want Master Ninja to be, because if 67% out of 100% purchasers for this game could finish Master Ninja, then Master Ninja is not the most difficult mode ever in the game:/
Til this day Ninja Gaiden 1, Ninja Gaiden Black and Ninja Gaiden Sigma maintain the hardest difficulty in a Ninja Gaiden game that only a handful could finish. This is how Ninja Gaiden 3 should be.

Ninja Gaiden 2's Master Ninja mode was punishing but was consider cheap because of the use of projectile spamming and off screen spamming, you really can't call that a challenge. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 manages to fix this by introducing the 1 hit death. Still in the end it did not feel like a challenge unlike how Ninja Gaiden Black did, Ryu is still overpowered in Ninja Gaiden 2/Sigma 2.

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