Saturday, 3 July 2010


No matter what timeline Ninja Gaiden 3 will take place in, we want returning enemies from previous games into Ninja Gaiden 3.


Berserkers proved such a challenge in Ninja Gaiden Black

Cat fiends
We all love the cat fiends, they are not just cunning but are perfect in flying swallow Ryu

Dino fiends

Ogre fiends
These fiends may be slow though once you cracked their helmets, they become furious and aggressive

Female Ninjas/kunoichi

If we can kill ninja dogs, why can't we kill female ninjas?

Ninja using Chains

It would be cool to have ninjas using chains or sickles to attack, just like ninja vs samurai

Just like the Berserkers that go berserk half way when battling them. Rampagers are monkey or baboon like fiends, when receiving certain amount of damages, they go wild and berserk, thus how they earned the name Ramagers since they go rampage half way in combat.
This is not how they should look like, it's just an example to give more inspiration of the Rampagers origins. (just like the cat fiends)

Eliminators from Resident Evil Zero, imagine the Rampagers as furious as this

Instead of brining back the ancient mythology cat fiends or the lycanthropes fiends. Why not merge the two together to form a werecat?
May not be the best example design, though the werecats should be mean looking

From Yasha meaning "In Japanese mythology, Yasha is a vampire-bat, said to be the spirit of a woman whose anger lowered her status in rebirth.". If we have the Vampire Wars, certainly enemies such as Yasha's will adhere with the theme of the game.

Wikipedia- "Yaksha (Sanskrit यक्ष, yakṣa , ञक्ख yakkha in Pāli ) is the name of a broad class of nature-spirits, usually benevolent, who are caretakers of the natural treasures hidden in the earth and tree roots.[1] ". Imagine Ryu trying to open a chest that contains a rewarding item, only to be guarded by a demon Yaksha that appears before Ryu and confronts him.

Look at this image below and tell me what comes to your mind.
Mixture of Minotaur+vampire
Who wouldn't want to fight a fiend like this?

Fiend Ryu/Evil Ryu
We want to fight Fiend Ryu in Story mode too, a lot of fans were intrigued to see Ryu fighting Evil Ryu in storymode for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2's trailer however all hope was crushed when we found out he was not included but included in Mission Mode. We would like to fight the persuading Evil Ryu in storymode.

SWAT Ninjas
Whether the Vigoor or Black Spider Clan Ninja returns, we want a smart A.I SWAT Ninja to be in Ninja Gaiden 3. SWAT Ninjas will play like those Vigoor troops from Ninja Gaiden 1 that uses different arsenal weapons to take down Ryu, such as grenades, rocket launchers, machine guns, turrets etc. This time with SWAT Ninjas, we want want them to use snipers to take down Ryu, flash bangs, shotguns, smoke grenades etc.

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