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Castlevania Lords of Shadows has pack load of bosses in the game, we liked how bosses in Ninja Gaiden 2 quickly became sub bosses. Bosses such as Ratestu was awesome to fight as sub bosses and we would like to have more sub bosses as well please. The Tengu Brothers I could also say were a nice addition as sub bosses in the game too.

Anu the Hunter (sub boss)
A Tengu being hunter who searches for the Tengu Brother who escaped the Tengu realm and sided with the Black Spider Clan in order to eliminate Dragon Lineage Ryu hayabusa. Anu is like a police hunter who wants to arrest the Tengu Brother for violating the Tengu law.

However when on Earth searching for the Tengu Brothers, he found out the brothers were killed by no other than the Dragon Lineage Ryu Hayabusa. So Anu abandons his task and sets his revenge on Ryu.
Anu acts like a Predator.

Anu the Hunter, first concept art stage for character design
Concept art 2
Concept art 2 with colour. I hate this! Feels like a primary school colouring:/

Rare view with annotations on design.

If Ryu could fight big statue such as Buddha and Goddess of Liberty, how about pitching a fight with Ryu against Yama? Yama is the God of Death in Hindu
Yama the God of Death

Kali Goddess of Death
Wikipedia- "Kali (Sanskrit: काली, Bengali: কালী, both Kālī), also known as Kalika (Bengali: কালিকা, Kālikā), is the Hindu goddess associated with eternal energy. The name Kali comes from Kāla which means black, time, death, lord of death, Shiva. Kali means "the black one""
I remember watching an episode of Samurai Jack were he had to fight a Goddess with lots of arms wielding weapon in each arm.
Imagine fighting this Goddess that holds different weapons in each arms, obviously the Goddess will most of the time.
Kali not to be confused with Vishnu as that was the boss Samurai Jack fought, as I referred to above.

King of Darkness
"In the early 20th century, a ruler populary known as the King of Darkness came into power."..."Throughout his rule, the King of Darkness kept at his side a strange giant with a face veild in purple. The giant's bizarre voice filled the King's head, and in time, the King, came to worship the statue of a demonic being he called Vazdah".
The King of Darkness is a different tyrant and not Daigra Dai himself, though dead and assassinated by the warrior in black robe, we can say the King of Darkness could return as a fiend.

Read the Prayer book of the Necromantale; it reads the story of the prayer ritual and mentions Gogohn who is the father of Elizabeth. Since Elizabeth is the daughter (princess) of Gogohn and refers to as the blood shrine maiden. Shouldn't Gogohn look for revenge on Ryu over slaying her daughter Elizabeth?
Vazdah should also have the power to birth resurrections, like reviving the King of Darkness back as a fiend since the King of Darkness worshipped him. And Vazdah should also resurrect Gogohn, since it's resting place was at the Necromantale in Temple of Sacrifice.

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