Friday, 2 July 2010

Expanding Team Missions

Team Missions was an awesome addition to Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, we fans appreciated it and the way you brought out Ultimate Ninja which proved to be one of the most difficult and punishing mode ever created in a Ninja Gaiden game. We thought fighting Alma, Doku and Marbus was hard in Ninja Gaiden Sigma mission mode, but this Ultimate Ninjas missions makes Doku/Marbus/Alma mode irrelevant.

I just want to point out some ideas on how to further improve the Team Missions for Ninja Gaiden 3.

To Fix- We are hoping there will be 2 types of Team Missions in Ninja Gaiden 3, one called Side Story and the other called Mission Plays.

Side Story
Will be like a small scenario gameplay for Co-oP that gives both players tasks to do through out the mission. It should work similar to Uncharted 2's- You vs The World (4 co-op). The time duration play should last up to 10 minute. The more difficult it is the more the time will expand, playing Master Ninja mode will spawn tougher enemies and players will need more time to beat stronger enemies. So roughly Master Ninja missions should last up to 20mins.
One of the side stories mission could be, "Cleansing- Kill all Lycanthropes in Venice city and retrieve the golden key held in the hands of a Black Spider Clan".
Both characters will interact with each other-
"Ryu- Ayane there are 2 more archers on the roof, take care of them".
"Ayane- Ryu back to back double Ninpo now!".

Or more examples- "Capture Hanzo- Do not let Hanzo the Hayabusa traitor escape and eliminate all respawning enemies along the way". When the cutscene finish playing, Hanzon sees Ryu and Ayane and starts to run away from them, when mission starts, 2 players will have to chase him, enemies will keep appearing and constantly trying to slow them down so they must eliminate the monsters as quickly as possible before Hanzo reaches the exit (escapes).

Basically this concept makes the gameplay for a Team Mission last longer unlike Sigma 2's Team Mission that was repetitive and all about killing the same respawning enemies over and over. This mode actually adds a more depth to the gameplay. You don't fight in 1 small arena since you are pushed to constantly advance straight ahead, which works with a Linear game formular and before the mission ends, you'll encounter a boss or bosses.

Mission Plays
Mission Plays are like regular Missions from Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2's Team Mission which is all about killing the same enemies over and over. Mission Plays consist of 2 players fighting waves of enemies till the last waves of enemies appear or till a boss appears.

When playing Mission Plays, allows us to select
  • 1 Player Game- Most gamers would want to take on team missions alone because the A.I is useless especially in harder difficulty such as Master Ninja mode.
  • 2 Player Game- If it's possible to make a splitscreen
  • 2 Player Online Game- Please allow better connection:(
  • Private Player Game- Friendly invite
And please improve the net-coding and servers!

It is up to Team NINJA if they could create a Splitscreen mode, I personally I'm not bothered with one. Though you readers and fans should understand why a Splitscreen mode may not work, it's always because of the bad camera in Ninja Gaiden games, the gameplay is just too fast for the camera to stay focus on the action.
 With the default camera zoomed in, it will be confusing for one to focus his eyes on his/her player

Team NINJA manages to fix the camera problem in NGS2 by drawing back the camera further. Now if game is splitscreen this will cause the same camera problems just like before, not unless Team NINJA further draws back the camera even more so the camera could stay focus in SplitScreen mode. Is this what you really want?
Unless there is a sacrifice that further zooms out the camera and you can barely see the details on the character you are using, Splitscreen can then be accomplish. Is this what you want?

Everlasting Mode
I just thought of this and anyone who loves Mission mode would have thought of the same idea as well. Basically this is a Survivor mode just like one of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1's mission mode, though the enemy count is not limited but unlimited, hence the title Everlasting. Basically players will keep fighting fiends/ninjas till the player or both players die, fiends will not stop respawning, and the aim of the game is to get as many kills (not karma points) as possible. I do think this mode will be perfect for the leaderboard because people will not have to compete with Karma points, but with kill points. 

Enemies will always be random and they are selected in terms of difficulties. Let's say I'm playing Easy mode, Enemy system will respawn ghost fishes, ninjas, imps, Vipers, skeleton scorpions, ninja SWATS, rocket ninjas etc and all will be respawned randomly. Adding to the Easy mode, sometimes sub bosses can appear, such as Ratestu, Tengu brothers etc however the sub bosses will take fairly large amount of damage because it's in Easy mode. Switching to harder difficulty such as Master Ninja will spawn out Berserkers, Rampagers, Triceptors, black cats fiends, red ninjas etc and once again they will be spawned randomly. For harder difficulty levels will spawn Sub bosses as well, though they will take normal damages but deal more damage towards the players.


  1. i hope there is no team mission on NG3

  2. Hell, why not just have a two player option for story mode? (Im assuming you are throwing these ideas out assuming yourself that the INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF SLOWDOWN on team missions in NGS2 will be fixed in full- which I'd doubt).

  3. slow down in team missions for NGS2? What game are you playing?

    You should note this down as from today.
    "you don't play online games with wireless connectivity!".
    "you play online games with Ethernet cable!".

    Why does missions slow down in Sigma 2's Team Missions? Because many players are taking advantage of the Wireless feature of the ps3 and using it to play online. I can always tell when I encounter people with wireless connection.
    Considering the servers used since they predicted that millions of gamers would not be playing Sigma 2 online.

    The only problem the game suffers from are disconnections although Hayashi already stated it was their first time of coding online support for Ninja Gaiden games. So with future titles the game should suffer less disconnections.