Thursday, 15 July 2010


While enjoying Ninja Gaiden Sigma, I found out one important thing missing in the game and it was the Combo count meter. The combo count meter is the soul essence of every Hack n Slash games, it's the reason why hack n slash are summed up as being all about ranking combos, stylish moves and gameplay being fast paced. Without it Hack n Slash game would be useless in it's meaning.

Obviously Ninja Gaiden 3 will have the combo meter as well, but I just hope and wish we have the Confirmation sign on screen to validate that we have reached a X number of combos.
Meaning if we get to 50 hits combo in Ninja Gaiden 3, we'll see the 50 hit mark on screen, if we get to 100 we'll see the 100 hit mark and so on and forth.

Ninja Gaiden 1 had this and EVERY person who has played Ninja Gaiden loves the feeling when ever they reach the 50 mark hit, they get so excited if they managed to hit 100hits. This may not be important, but it's the true essence of Hack n Slash games.

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