Thursday, 15 July 2010

Ninja Art Style

A lot of gamers are used to Hack n Slash using the real time weapon switching with games such as God of War, Bayonetta and Devil May Cry. Switching to different weapons real time will change the gameplay style of Ninja Gaiden, since changing real time will expect the player to pull off stylish moves.
While carefully switching your weapon manually via start menu or weapon shortcut will keep the Ninja Gaiden gameplay  true to it's principles.

I personally am not bothered with real time weapon switching in Ninja Gaiden, same goes to real Ninja Gaiden fans who wouldn't care, but fans of the Hack n Slash genre would definitely want Ninja Gaiden to use a real time weapon switching.

I came up with an idea to allow players to use their own version of "real time weapon switching" and customizing their "style of gameplay". Originally it isn't fully based on real time weapon switching but this is based on style gameplay. Basically you create your own method of style play like Devil May Cry.

Players are allowed to map what ever weapons to Ryu's 2 primary slot weapons. Ryu would have 2 sets of primary weapons that variates the style of gameplay (works like Darksiders). This will work like Crysis nano suit that allows Players to play as Predator by being stealth all the time using invisible powers, Aggressive by jumping into action and using the suit's strength or defensive by using the environment to your standards.

Instead of Ryu using the shurikens as his primary secondary weapon to stun enemies, players would be able to select an alternative weapon to replace the secondary weapon (just like Ninja Gaiden 1/Black). It could be the explosive darts or bows.
There will be 2 slots Ryu could map his main primary weapons with that players could switch through real time.
Concept, Kurisagama to the left and Claws to the right. If you can tell, he currently has 3 weapons equipped 
To switch to the Kurisagama, I'll just press the Left directional and to switch to Claws, I'll have to press the Right directional. I do feel that allowing players to customize their own Ninja art style will form a great advantage towards the strategy when playing this game. It works like Devil May Cry and Crysis at the same time. With DMC Dante has different styles such as GunSlinger which all of Dante's attacks are based on guns, Guard which are based on defence and Sword which is based on all sword skills. And then for Crysis style, you can customize Ryu's arsenal weapons to suit the gamestyle. For an example, if I want Ryu to be totally be offensive with fast weapons I'll choose Falcons Talons, Virgoorian Flails and Tonfas. If I want Ryu to be slow and punch in heavy attacks, I'll choose Scythe, Enma's Fang and Dabilahro. Also the secondary weapon plays a bigger role with the style. Don't forget the armlets too.

I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.

I can create my own Ninja Art Style for Ryu (not presets):
Enemy Control- 2 Primary slot weapons will be Scythe, Kurisagama and main weapon is Tonfas. Secondary weapon will be smoke bomb. Basically Ryu's style attack will be multiple enemy focus since those weapons traverse from one enemy to another, and smoke bomb is used to deceive surrounding enemies.
Eliminator style- 2 Primary slot weapons consist of Claws, Dragon Sword and main weapon is Kitsestu. Secondary weapon will be shurikens. Again Ryu's style attack will be single focused enemy since those weapons focuses on 1 enemy at a time, and shurikens can only be thrown at one person.

There will be 2 slots in the HUD that displays Ryu's on active primary weapons, in the end he would still have 3 weapons equipped. Because if Ryu is currently holding the Dragon Sword; he could switch to Dabilahro or Lunar Staff at anytime; if he does switches to the Dabilahro, Dragon Sword will now be placed in one of primary slots. In the end Ryu would have 3 weapons at ready.

To switch between weapons can be accessible with Right and Left Directional.
To use the Quick Weapon weapons, players need to press Up or Down directional instead. Though they can use the left and right once they activate the Quick Weapon menu.

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