Sunday, 20 June 2010


The more weapons the better! Enough said.

Please accumulate and bring back all weapons that debuted and are available from all Ninja Gaiden games.

Please bring back Dabilahro, Kitsetu and Nunchunku.

It ABSOLUTELY doesn't matter what ever weapons Ryu uses even though they are not Ninja like! If a ninja ends up in a situation whereas he can only acquire medieval weapons and no ninjustu weapons visible, the ninja will have no choice but to adapt to the medieval weapons to Survive!

Heavy weapons should not be taken advantage off, just because they are heavy doesn't mean Ryu's speed attack should be slow:/ He has a Dragon Lineage blood in him so using heavy weapons should not be a problem.

I really don't see the point in Ryu having 3 sets of kunia's mounted to his right thigh whereas he doesn't even use them. Although from my point of view excluding others, to me I feel that the Incendiary Darts/Explosive Darts are the kunias located on Ryu's thighs.
If Ryu uses pairs of Kunai's to fight, this will make NG a Beat em Up. But you have to understand that Bayonetta is the king of Hack n Slash so we need to make NG3 has big as possible. It would be cool if Ryu incorporated most of his fighting moves from DOA while he uses the Kunai's. I mean if he uses the water dart and nunchuku, we can see that he uses his leg moves from DOA games.

If it's vital not to include Kunai even though it'll turn NG3 to a part Hack n Slash and part Beat Em Up, at least add pairs of Sai's instead. The movelist can be similar to the Falcon's Talon however without using his legs to slash.

Disc Blade/Ring Blade
How about this weapon dubbed a Disc Blade? In the game Alien vs Predator CPS2, you can pick up a weapon that looks similar to this, although you only use it as a long range projectile weapon. What if Ryu could use this weapon as a melee?
If not a Disc Blade, how about the Ring Blade next to the Disc Blade? Tera from Soul Calibur uses this weapon as a melee combat. It would be cool if Ryu uses this kind of weapon:)

Trisectional Staff/ Tri Staff/ Sanchaku
Sure this stick weapon may play half the time like the Lunar Staff, although the Lunar Staff is more bamboo based staff rather than breaking in 3 sections. However the TriStaff is more focused on using all 3 broken parts at the same time or 2 at the same time. The only difference with a TriStaff and the Lunar Staff is that the Lunar is equipped with pairs of chains at both ends.


Mind you a Kanabo should not be mistaken for Dabilahro or Enma's Fang. Just think of this weapon working like the Brute Hammer from Halo 3.

Kanabo in action.
Tengu brothers (Tengu Twins) using a Kanabo.


More of a defensive weapon than offensive. Basically this is a rope weapon that you use for defense. Imagine this weapon having 3 forms of levels. First level will be a normal rope, level 2 will contain several spikes in the middle and level 3 will contain lots of spikes all over the rope. The weapon can work in connection with the Kusarigama.

Since you've seen the demonstration video, you ask me how will this be an offensive weapon? Well Ryu can stand guard block, just press X/Y while the enemy attacks you. I feel that this weapon will be better in terms of counter attacking.

Same weapon Kabal from Mortal Kombat uses, imagine Ryu using this kind of weapon and the kind of combos he can pull from it.

Double Bladed Sword
I'm not quite sure on the name though I'll nickname it the double bladed sword. If you watch Ninja Scroll, you'll notice that Tessai carries a similar weapon however his version is a boomerang type.

Double Bladed Scythe
I suggested this weapon before and some people think it might not work out. I leave this to your thoughts.

Flexible Sword or (Urumi)
The Malaysian Urumi weapon 

I know a lot of people are thinking of their own sword ideas Ryu can use in the next Ninja Gaiden instalment; searching for various swords with different shapes and sizes, to me they all do the same purpose and can be wielded the same way. Tell me how a Board Sword can be wielded differently with a 9 Ring Board Sword? or a long Japanese Odachi sword wielded different with a katana? They have different shapes and sizes however they will still be wielded the same way.

Now this sword Urumi or flexible sword as I first perceived from Samurai X Rurouni Kenshin wielded by this villain called Sawagejo Cho. I later saw the same similar type of sword used in Reigns of Assassin, so I said to myself what if Ryu could wield this sword? Yes it handles like every other sword out there however the function works differently. The main feature for this weapon is the ability to bend without breaking, from this source says that Chinese assassins carry this sword and attach it to their waist/blend because it's concealable. 
As for the official name Urumi, which is not really the Chinese name, the Urumi sword is a Malaysian sword. The difference between the Chinese and the Malaysian is that the Urumi acts more like a rope made of sword and holding the sword vertical will prove the major difference as the Urumi cannot stand straight like a normal sword would do.
Urumi, a Malaysian movie, Sword cannot stand straight when held upwards
Also note that this weapon should not be confused with a Chain Whip as that acts exactly as a rope made of chain. Nor to be confused with Sword Whip, the chain sword Ivy from Soul Calibur wields and Dark Prince used in Prince of Persia. The Flexible Sword and Sword whip may have the same features although the major differences is that Flexible Sword bends and its flexible, while the Sword Whip can be detached and form like a chain whip, thus making the Flexible Sword not to be wielded like a chain.
Its like the flexible Ruler kids always need at school

Enough talk of differences and references about the weapon, how would Ryu wield this weapon? imagine what sort of moves he could pull out with it. If I were to design the next Ninja Gaiden game and include this weapon, I would make the weapon more complex to handle and wield. This will not be your typical Dragon Sword & Tiger Fang, your Kitestu or Dragon Sword. I would say the animation would be like Gabriel wielding the Cross Whip style and Ryu wielding the Kitestu.

To give a better insight, here is the Flexible Sword in action in the movie Reign of Assassins.


I've been thinking about this weapon and watching demonstration videos to see how Ryu could uniquely wield this weapon. First of all it bares the same style and name of a Kusari-gama and kyokestu-shogei. One of the main purpose of this kind of weapon is to handle two enemies, one in front of you and the other behind or more like surrounding enemies. I can call this the fluid version of a Nunchakus, think of the Manriki-Gusari as a nunchaku but a fully bendable and flexible nunchakus.
From the video demonstrations I've seen with this weapon, it's mostly to do with swinging which I know of course that's the fundamental of it's creation.
The only purpose I can think Ryu to wield this weapon like a Nunchaku though swinging it with a different style. Ryu can also use this weapon to deflect projectile attacks.

If you think about it, the Vigoorian Flails and the Nunchaku are exactly the same however the difference between them is that Vigoorian has a blade at both handles and allows Ryu to wield it in a devastating way (to `slash` of-course). While a normal nuchaku is designed to knock out opponents.
Now the Manriki-gusari can be considered the third type of a Nunchaku and the moves Vigoorian Flails couldn't do, the manriki-gusari could do.

The weapon can work like Ninja Blade's Twin Swords.
Forward to 1:42

As for Ninja Blade's Twin Sword, I'm not sure what it is, I can't really tell by the animation. Though I can guess they are Flexible Swords, that weapon is my favourite, regardless of it being the weakest:)
But please watch the video and look how Ken Ogawa uses the Twin Swords, now imgine if Ryu could wield the Manriki-gusari similar to it? Ryu would wield the Manriki-gusari like the Vigoorian Flails but with more advance and fluid moves, and also the manriki-gusari can deflect projectiles once swung like Ken Ogawa's Twin Blade.

Please watch this video , the author doesn't want to display the embed code:/
It's a demonstration of how the Manrikigusari can be used and swung. 


  1. the 3 section staff vid OMG! look up 3 section Wushu on youtube to see it done proper that guy is perfetic

  2. well that video is just an example, that guy is not a professional by wielding a Tristaff as you know those Wushu guys probably trained heavily to master the tristaff. I wouldn't even go as far as calling this example pathetic since he demonstrated moves for wielding a tristaff but quite slowly.