Sunday, 20 June 2010

Projectile Weapons

Again we want you to bring back all accumulated weapon projectiles from all Ninja Gaiden games.
The Smoke bombs, different types of arrows AFDS, Explosives, Standard etc

Here are a few additional projectile weapons.

Now this particular projectile weapon is only used to stop enemies from progressing towards you. Or you can use these weapons to slow down enemies from getting close to you when you are about to perform an Ultimate Technique.

Poison Needle/ Fuyika?

Here's one that I suggested before. Ryu shoots this needle dart through a pipe, needle freezes and stuns enemy for a few seconds. When the enemy is stun, enemy will slow down or will freeze in movement. Enemies can also use this weapon against Ryu to stun him, Ryu will get stunned for a brief moment just like he does everytime he passes through a hot steam from Ninja Gaiden Black.

This will be a single enemy weapon focus based, since this will not work with multiple enemies. Use this weapon to entangle a single enemy and then attack. In Ninja Gaiden 2 opening scene, we can see one of the Black Spider ninjas used this type of weapon to tie up Sonia (though made of chain). You practically don't have to attack the engulfed ninja, you could just use this chance to attack the other ninjas.

Varieties of Shurikens
This may not be important even though they may do the same stun damage and speed but we players will LOVE to customize Ryu's gear and make him choose different types of shurikens to throw.

Bomb Grenade
I'm not too sure about this. I was just thinking what if Ryu uses bombs as his projectiles? Remember ninjas DO not really need to carry old classic ninjustu weapons. Remember his title Modern day Super Ninja. If we can use the Howling Cannon (Nation Crusher), why can't we use a grenade?

Bow Arrow- Electric Rounds
As for the Bow and Arrow, I was thinking of adding Electric rounds to the Arrows. Ryu shoots an Electric round and it shocks enemies. It works like God of War 3's Nemesis Whip.
ASDF rounds, Regular rounds, Explosive rounds and Electric rounds.

Windmill Shuriken
Why was this abscent in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2!? Whatever, we just want it back in Ninja Gaiden 3. I would say the weapon was pretty much useless in NG2 because NG2 was a linear game. If NG3 attains Ninja Gaiden 1 combat, the Windmill Shuriken will be useful again.
Also one particular improvement I would like to point out for this projectile weapon. This is a boomerang weapon, it's meant to hit more than 2 enemies before returning to Ryu. In Ninja Gaiden 1 the weapon worked like the regular Shuriken and the only difference was it allows Ryu to land on ground faster and weapon returns back to Ryu. In NG2 it acted the same, however if you perform the Ultimate Technique, it then works like the way it's meant to.

To Fix- If Ryu throws the windmill shuriken, allow the weapon to hit multiple enemies before returning back to Ryu! The weapon should not hit multiple enemies if it was thrown as a UT.

Explosive Darts/ Incendairy Kunai
Just because Ayane uses this doesn't mean Ryu cannot use one too, please bring back this weapon too!

Intractor Blade

A projectile long range secondary weapon that attaches to an enemy and pulls Ryu towards him; enemy would be stunned with an electric charge, once Ryu retracts to the enemy, he then as the chance to perform a free hit combo.
With behemoth bosses like the Statue of Liberty, the Intractor Chain can still attach to the boss making Ryu retract to what ever body the Intractor was attached to. Obviously Ryu cannot grab on and will eventually fall, thus Ryu can still perform some damages while falling in mid air.

Extension is limited

As you can see from this example, any side of the hook can be gripped, Ryu would just thrust the weapon like a stabbing gesture while grabbing hold of a side and the other side would extract and hook on to the enemy. Once attached to an enemy it would instantly retract the whole body of the weapon back together dragging Ryu along with it. 

Ryu holding the Intractor Blade, both either end blade hooks can be thrust to attach to an enemy

Designing this and using the chain seems too standard for pulling the whole body. Muramasa can upgrade it to a level 2 stage and the chain will transform to a beam. Beam of Light contains vast energy that cannot separate both ends of the hooks, thus giving more reason why both with retract together once split apart. 

Here is an example of how the Intractor Blade works in this gif animation
From the gif:
1. Ryu runs towards a ninja
2. Ryu takes out the Intractor Blade
3. Ryu thrust the Intractor Blade to extend it's chain, ninja was unaware of the extending chain
4. Grapple hits ninja and stuns him for a few seconds
5. Immediately the rest of the Intractor Blade retracts back to the grapple taking Ryu along with it.
6. Ryu gets a chance to hit the enemy

The MAJOR important thing about this Intractor Blade is when Ryu retracts next to the enemy, it happens so fast and it's meant to happen very fast. To change the pace of Ninja Gaiden to fast pace. It's another way of playing strategic.

Enemies can also block the Intractor (duh)

Here is the Intractor Blade used on enemy flying in the air. Like I said before enemies hit by the Intractor will get stunted for a couple of second and allows Ryu to attack freely.

Thanks to Ryochan and Umbrae for the sprites.

As you can see from the image above, it shows the weapon as a device can attach to the enemy, once hit directly, it drags Ryu closer to the enemy in an instant. If enemy does get hit by the device, the enemy will be stunned as the device will generate an electricity. Once Ryu gets close to the enemy, he gets the chance to hit.

The method works similar to the windmill shuriken stuns. The projectile device works like a measuring tape, however instead of the tape just pulling back in, it drags you along to the set tape.
Mechanic again is exactly like Devil May Cry 4's Devil Bringer, however instead of you grabbing an enemy and bringing them towards you, you transverse towards the enemy instead.

Devil Bringer grabs and drags enemies towards you
The device will certainly be amazing when used at enemy flying or jumping in the air, Ryu will retract to them in mid air and perform air attacks.


Further to the discussion about Ninja Gaiden 3's gameplay reinvented and we ALL desperately cannot wait to see the actual gameplay. I was thinking about Ashiko weapon which is a spike that straps around the ninja's palm and under-feet to enable climbing. If NG3 is a total revamp, including this weapon will aid it's reinvention. Why? what could the spike strap possibly do in terms of attacking and defending?

Originally Ryu can run up walls and run along walls, why don't we say if the Player equips the Ashiko's secondary weapon, it would enable Ryu to perform those feats such as running up wall and running along walls. If the Ashiko is not equipped therefore Ryu cannot run up any wall or along a wall.

It might seem like a step back, though in terms of reality it would actually make sense and become more realistic. From my point of view and with my ideas; I am trying to make NG feel and play realistic while maintaining the Ultimate combat of hack n slash other action ninja games lack. If you think about Tenchu; it's  a ninjutsu game just like Ninja Gaiden though it follows the path of being more realistic in terms of stealth since the whole purpose of being a ninja is to be stealthy. What if Ninja Gaiden is exactly like Tenchu (realistic) but with insane exaggerated combat? It would once again become like an upgraded version of Splinter Cell which is Conviction. It retains the stealthy gameplay but more badass action than ever.

Putting the Ashkio in the game will evidentially degrade Ryu's agility; on the positive side we can say equipping this weapon will allow Ryu to further run along walls or up walls for a longer time. We can even add that performing the Wind Run/Wind Path on an enemy would cause a direct stagger and weigh them down for an additional few seconds more.


  1. with these ideas the game would be even more easier than it already is on MNM

  2. You are missing the whole point in the gaming industry. Do you think hardcore fans of a game would generate sales? Hardcore fans only keep the series alive while casual gamers are the ones who generate sales for a game.

    If Ninja Gaiden 3 doesn't have an easy mode, do you think Team NINJA would make NG4 due to poor sales on NG3?

    And I really don't know how more weapons would make the game less harder O_o. More weapons gives more strategy to the game, Ninja Gaiden 1/Black did all these well.