Saturday, 19 June 2010


I know some games focuses on the gameplay and gametypes within the game, so developers they make up bits of stories to adhere to the gameplay. A lot of people thought Ninja Gaiden Black's story did not make sense, truthfully it did not make sense "Zarkhan, Hidden underground, Monastery, Bone dragon, Vigoor Empire etc". Although one thing I love about the story for NGB were the cutscenes, the cutscenes and dialogues just captivates users attention.

Ninja Gaiden 2's story was a piece of trash that everyone agrees. We are paying £39 for games, such it's all about the gameplay but we still need to get something out of the story! Even though the ending may suck, we still want to get on a costa ride while progressing through the game's story. I mean, what is the point of making Campaign Mode/Storymode and we get an half assed story? We might as well pick a "Instant Action/Mission Mode" and start hacking ninjas and fiends.

Do we need Kojima to come aboard and sort out Ninja Gaiden 3's storyline? If we can start mentioning story authors name, then we know that the story telling is getting serious and should be taken seriously.

Revival of Vampire King Crimson?
Bring back the Vampire King from the Vampire Wars. I really don't care how it's going be done, but I'm sure fans will be looking forward to fighting a Vampire Fiend or the Vampire King.

Sonia communicating with Ryu?
We want Sonia to somehow communicate with Ryu in part of the mission, or Sonia giving Ryu tasks.
The handsfree kit doesn't have to be big. Sonia can communicate with Ryu giving him task something about fiends infecting a near town. We can even say there's a special attack Ryu can do that calls Sonia and she sends a rocket missiles to Ryu's location that blows up the screen killing fiends around Ryu. I mean other games do this kind of thing even though they are different genre Marcus Fenix communicating with Ayna, Master Chief communicating with Cortana, Cortez communicating with Ayna (Timesplitter). 

Chasing/Riding sequence?
I do know that games always have some sort of weird story so developer could incorporate a special gameplay mode to the game. I mean, wouldn't it be cool if we could ride a horse and Ryu controlling it? This can be for a part of a mission. Or even riding a motorbike and controlling Ryu riding on it.

Diaries Flashbacks
We love the dairies since they are truly a comic relief to the Ninja Gaiden games. It just doesn't get better than that, reading a dead's ninja's diary bragging on about how he failed or he couldn't perform Ultimate Technique.

However the diaries are lacking something and are not progressing even after Ninja Gaiden Sigma. We still don't want to pick up a dead ninja's diary and read a boring book:/

How about fixing it and making it more better and visualizing?

To Fix- When Ryu collects a dead ninja's diary, we should see a flash back cutscene of how the ninja died! It should be like Crime Scene Investigation, you get a clue and a flashback scene plays.
Here's an example:

Ryu collects a diary from a deceased ninja

Instant flashback cutscene of how the ninja met his fate

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