Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Weapons Upgrading system

Today I want to discuss the weapon upgrade system and mind you this is important. Ninja Gaiden Black's upgrading system was fine and we got used to it, Ninja Gaiden 2's upgrade system was too straight forward and ignored the scale towards upgrading weapons. Sigma 2 tried to bring back the nostalgia for the weapon upgrade system like Ninja Gaiden Black, though because of the way the game was built, we felt there wasn't any need of doing it. Personally I felt it was good, because it bought back the Ninja Gaiden Black upgrade feelings.

I want to talk about making the upgrade system a little more in-depth, some of you may think of it as a progression like RPG upgrading path.

To Fix-

Ok let's say we have a Dragon Sword at Level 1, basically in that form it is currently weak and deals less damage against foes.
If I were to upgrade the Dragon Sword I will have to pick one of the following options
*Critical Hit: This will raise more chance in dismembering fiends/ninja's body part
*Be-Heading (Instant Kill): This will raise the chance of getting more head cutting with the Flying Swallow and other attack with the Heavy attack.
*Damage: This will increase the damage level of the weapon
*Ultimate Technique: This will reduce the time to charge for an Ultimate Technique {*}

After the Upgrade system, then we have the leveling it up system. Basically you level up your weapon and it changes appearance and unlocks more movesets.

Team NINJA can add some collection thing to use when upgrading weapons, similar like the yellow essence points. Or we could just use Yellow Essence to upgrade weapons as well.

{*} If Team NINJA brings back the Armlets to alter the gameplay, then there's no need for Ultimate Technique upgrades for weapons

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