Monday, 21 June 2010

Additional details in the Weapons Menu

I have no objection with the Information section, Item section, or Maps (User Interface)
Anyone missed the customization of the Armlets?

Viewing weapons/items
Although I would love to be able to view weapons, items etc in full 3D. Like in Resident Evil Code Veronica or Resident Evil Remake, you collect an item and you can view it in 3D. Zoom in, zoom out and rotate. This is not important but essential to most users.
I mean when you create an item or character in a game, it needs to have polygon, then give it skeleton, model it/render it and it becomes fully 3d. Wouldn't it be cool if you could rotate the Dragon sword in 3D, zoom in the Dragon's Eye socket. Or zoom in the Falcon's Talon and see the dragon scale design embedded on the Claws?

That's me zooming in to the Dabilahro
A lot of details and work go into everything of Team NINJA game's, therefore we can't even see the amount of work that goes into the Dragon Sword. It would be good if we could zoom in and see the amount of work the team put into the game.

As for the Maps, they were absent in Ninja Gaiden 2, we fans are hoping that Ninja Gaiden 3 will be "Non-Linear". So maps in NG3 will actually be quite useful, because I can imagine a large scale town in Ninja Gaiden 3 whereas I can get lost. I will just use the map to find a certain location or Muramasa's shop.
Also if you are including maps, there should be a shader that shows the areas you've been to and areas you haven't visited.

Path Seeker
We love the use of the Path Seeker, holding down Right 2 Trigger to point to the right direction in Sigma 2. Even though Ninja Gaiden 2 was a linear game and does not require it, we hope it returns for use in non linear Ninja Gaiden 3!

Six Axis
The Six Axis use for Ninja Gaiden Sigma was pretty effective because it gave us players an edge and advantage when casting Ninpos. Although a lot of us were let down with the use of 6 Axis in Sigma 2 because we thought it was a waste. Personally I don't mind being able to jiggle female character's breast in Ninja Gaiden 3 however I just feel like it's something that would be wasted since I rarely use the 6 axis breast juggler in Sigma 2.

To Fix- There are many things we can do with the 6 Axis for use in Ninja Gaiden 3.
Shake the 6 Axis to make Ryu wipe the blood off his weapons.
Shake the 6 Axis to give more power charge to Ryu's ninpo magic.
Shake the 6 Axis to escape while being grabbed by enemies/bosses.
Shake the 6 Axis while Ryu clashes his sword with another Swordsman.
Shake the 6 Axis to make the female character's ass bounce.

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