Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Please bring back the Armlets! :(
  • Armlet of Tranquillity
  • Armlet of Benediction
  • Armlet of Fortune
  • Armlet of Celerity
  • Armlet of Potency
  • Armlet of Sun
  • Armlet of Moon


Armlet of Intercepting- Allows Ryu to instantly perform a Ultimate Technique if he counters an attack, can only be done if essence is preserved in the environment.

I believe this intercepting move was usable in Ninja Gaiden 1 however it was removed in Ninja Gaiden Black.

Armlet of Velocity- Boosts agility speed in jumping, dodging and running

Ryu will be faster 2x when jumping, dodging and running. Basically this is moving towards being more defensive and precision in combat. Also we won't have to keep block+dodging to get to a location faster, we can simply equip this and Ryu will run slightly faster.

Armlet of Mojo- Allows more damage towards Ninpo attack

Just like the description says, deals more damage when casting ninpos.

Armlet of Desensitize- When charging for Ultimate Technique, Ryu would not be interrupted

Remove the stunning effect from Ninja Gaiden 2 when Ryu charges for UT, basically if we equip this armlet in Ninja Gaiden 3, while Ryu charges for UT, he will not be stunned.

Armlet of Revoke- Allows Ryu to cancel out of Ultimate Technique in motion by pressing the Block/Guard button

While Ryu is performing an Ultimate Technique move, if the user presses the Block button, he can cancel out of the Ultimate Technique stance.

If you are bringing back the Armlets, allow us to choose 2 at the same time.

Ryu equipped with 2 different armlets

Dante's Inferno allows us to use 4 relics at a time, and the same can be said to Castlevania Lords of Shadow, we can use more than 2 relics during combat. A lot of people may think choosing 2 armlets at the same time will make the game easy, no it wouldn't because it's optional! You don't have to equip Armlet of Sun and Armlet of Tranquillity. If you want a challenge, don't equip anything at all!

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