Thursday, 24 June 2010

Ultimate Technique+Obliteration Technique

I have no problem with the Ultimate Technique and weapon animations although some people critic that Ninja Gaiden 2's UT for all weapons were too long. Though I feel that NG2 weapons UT having long animation was to counter and balance the difficulty.

Abusing the Ultimate Technique
First thing I would like to discuss is the use of spamming the Ultimate Techniques for all weapons; too many people abuse the UT, ergo, it's not a bad thing but people find a way to get around the difficulty level by spamming the UT. I've seen people complain about others abusing the UT and Flying Swallow technique. Personally I wouldn't blame them because it's their game and they paid for it so they might as well do whatever they want when playing the game.

To Fix- To counteract the abuse of spamming Ultimate Techniques. Team NINJA needs to remove the value added to your money essence when using Yellow Essence for UT. The thing is, if you sacrifice Blue or Red orbs for UT, you wouldn't gain anything but if you sacrifice Yellow Essence for UT, you still get the money. To balance the abuse, when player sacrifice Yellow Essence for UT, yellow essence will not count towards Ryu's currency essence money. If you want to get rich, you have to WORK hard at it!

Two types of Ultimate Techniques
Every weapon in the game should each have their own two unique Ultimate Techniques! I don't know why in Ninja Gaiden 2 only the Dragon Sword, Lunar Staff and Scythe have 2 types of UT.

To Fix- Every weapon should have 2 types of UT for holding down the Heavy Attack (Y) and the second should be rotating the Analogue stick+Heavy Attack (Y). Holding the heavy attack for UT should be a single/multiple enemy focus attack. Rotating the Analogue stick+Y should be a radial UT attack for enemies surrounding Ryu.

Obliteration Technique was a nice touch to Ninja Gaiden 2 and made the game more brutal and violent. Although with the ease of use, this feature actually decreased the difficulty of the game. It was just too easy to pull off an OT and thus making even the hardest difficulty Master Ninja less burden. I know in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2; the difficulty in Master Ninja boosted the enemies health bar so they could not be easily obliterated. I just feel that the OT should be something you deserve to perform after slashing off your enemy until he's nearly dead. This is the same thing Ninja Gaiden 1 had, after slashing enemies until he/she falls to the ground, Ryu can perform the Fiend Sealer on them by stabbing the sword on their back.

To Fix- To fix this problem, performing the Obliteration Technique should be something like an award the player deserves at the end of a fight. If Ryu encounters a ninja, he would have to slash off all the necessary body parts that keeps the ninja standing. While the ninja is clueless, legless and can't fight Ryu. Ryu then have the chance to put the ninja out of his misery. Ryu should not obliterate a ninja even though he lost one of his arms or legs. He should only obliterate a ninja if the ninja cannot stand anymore with only 1 arm left. Or Ryu can also obliterate enemies if they lost both of their arms.

Or we can also say Ryu should OT enemies with the use of QTE, just like God of War.

Ultimate Technique 3
Are we ready to see a Level 3 Ultimate Technique?

Ultimate Technique for Projectile Weapons
Since Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3 or so called Ninja Gaiden 3 for PS3 will not be a port, therefore there is no need for sacrificing any feature for the PS3 version because of legal documents. We want Projectile weapons UT to return in Ninja Gaiden 3. We want the Windmill Shuriken back as well as the Incendiary Explosive darts.

Rapid attack with Ultimate Technique Weapons
This is not actually important though observing the Vigoorian Flails Ultimate Technique allows you to bash the X button and Ryu will perform the "Cremator" move within the Ultimate Technique Stance.
To further make Ninja Gaiden 3's gameplay extremely wide, it would be cool if we could button mash buttons for other Weapon's Ultimate Technique.

Imagine using the Dabilahro Ultimate Technique, instead of Ryu slamming the Dabi once in UT stance, he can do it multiple times while you bash the X button.


  1. The thing about the OT is that you needed to use it to keep enemies from launching suicide attacks. It was never about the OT itself, it was about managing enemies so that you did not end up with a ninja grabbing you and blowing himself up. Enemies become more dangerous after losing a limb, not less.

  2. Legless ninjas can't grab you not unless you are close by them so this shouldn't worry players if they don't want to get grabbed.

    More also the Y/Triangle to OT enemies does not response at times regardless if you are close by the injured enemy or not.

    So it's best to have a more complex OT system.

  3. i really want to see ninja gaiden with QTE, epic bosses fight, use QTE on enemies, etc