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Now I believe and feel that customization should take a big part in this game; it doesn't have to be custom in scale though I just want more things to customize and hoping it's better than Ninja Gaiden 2.

Weapon Customization
We fans would want to customize the types of shurikens Ryu can throw even though they will do the same attack damage and stunt. I wouldn't say customize though we would want to select the type of shuriken Ryu should throw.
Which shuriken will you use?

We demand that every weapon from Ninja Gaiden 1 should return to Ninja Gaiden 3 even the Nunchuku. We would love to customize a Nunchuku design at Muramasa's shop.
Which one is your Nunchuck design?

Apart from customizing Nunchucks and Shuriken, it would be cool if we could pick a skin design for our weapon at Muramasa's shop, pay to change the weapon design. (or even changing the colour of the weapon to match Ryu's costume).

Custom User Interface
Ability to make the healthbar Gold in Sigma 2 was a high expectation to some fans and especially me. Because I thought the Healthbar will be plated in complete gold until I found out it was just the outline of the healthbar that's plated in gold. Worst yet, you can't even tell if it's plated in gold or not!

What we wish for is if we could customize the colour of the healthbar and choose what colour we want for it! Or just choose a different healthbar design.

I've made several examples:

I mean this is not a piority though we gamers would love customize some things in the game.
This idea was actually made by one of NG fans
"Oxgrey: You need to make health packs, i really think this would work beside costumes they don't give the gamer any edge to beat the game also looks cool "
Having the option to change to a different styled Health bar would be neat.
Fig 1. Shows customization in the vital bar, by changing the colour
Fig 2. Shows customization in the whole bar, by changing the outlines and vital bar colours.
Fig 3. Shows customization in the whole bar, by choosing a different temple design

Custom Outfits
Allowing us to fully customize Ryu's outfits from scratch will be too good to be true and asking too much. I love the Legendary Falcon outfit but it would be rich if we had lots of costumes to choose from. Ninja Blade had an awesome ninja outfit customization and saves time from actually picking an outfit designed by the developers.
I'm not asking if we could customize Ryu's outfit but I want to demand costumes we fans have been asking for or deeply want.

One of Ninja Gaiden fans made a costume design for Ryu, I personally wanted to make something like this if I had access to. From this drawing this should be the Modern Day Ryukenden costume. I know originally the modern day costume for Ryu is the Legendary Black Falcon. Instead of using the Classic Ryukenden costume as unlockable, why don't we have a modernise version of the Ryukenden?
Modern Ryukenden. Scarf should be black with Kunai belt on his right arm
Here's my take on the design I've been trying to get out from my brain. I should have looked at the original Ryukenden before colouring this since I messed up the gears. (fig.1)

Annotation, as you can see, using Benjamin's costume design is fine, but I think Ryu would look more badass if he had a Kunai belt strapped around his arm.
The Wrist belt should be metallic silver painted in red, inner part should be colour black because it's a Glove. Again for the footing, shield shim pad around his knee. Helmet will use the modern Dragon sculptor instead of the classic gold embossed Dragon symbol. Modern chest belt to hold the sheath sword instead of the classic red rope. Modern utility belt instead of the black belt. Kunai around the belt. And Kunai belt strapped around his arms.

Allow us to use the Ninja Gaiden OVA costume. Personally i'm not really bothered if it doesn't make it to Ninja Gaiden 3.
Instead of using the same DOA Throwback costume, we want Hayabusa's hidden DOA3 costume instead.

Black Spider Clan version of Ryu Hayabusa

This costume is really important since it's one of the most badass Ryu costume ever created. The Red Muffler outfit.
And the final returning costume we want back- Tribal outfit. Personally I feel that this costume isn't all that looking, though I want the artist to further improve this costume to make it more badass.

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