Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Stamina meter

Running Stamina Meter If Ryu starts to run at a steady pace, he will start picking up speed and eventually sprints that causes his stamina meter to decrease. This is essential since a lot of us gamers want to get to a destination faster and then we start to use this sequence Block+Dodge all the time:/

As you can see from both images the bar at the bottom left corner in fig 1 is unused and cannot be used while walking or fighting. Though when you start running for a few seconds, the stamina meter activates and Ryu start sprinting. This is not important but I feel that it's something NG is lacking missing. I mean Devil May Cry 4 has this sort of feature, when Nero starts picking up speed, he then runs at a faster.

(Additionally this meter can also be used while Ryu is underwater)

If this cannot be added, then please allow us to have the Armlet of Velocity.

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