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Anyone who has ever played a Team NINJA game knows that their games always look so good and are never disappointing.

One particular thing I love about their graphics mechanic is the garment of a character displays excessive depths to the details of the clothing.

Take a look at this picture of DOA4 with Jan Lee fighting. Sure it's a bullshot, though take a look at his left leg trouser, if you look closely at the fire effect, you'll barely see a dragon like tattoo to it. Regardless of it being a bullshot, you can still see the same detail in-game but not actually zoomed in.

Enough talking about DOA, I was just trying to explain Team NINJA's method in their graphical department methods. Now Ninja Gaiden Black's graphics blew me away mindlessly, while I was waiting for Ninja Gaiden 2, my graphical expectation for the game was high. Though after seeing the game debut, I was quite disappointed with the graphics though it wasn't the end of the world.

Looks like Ninja Gaiden Black in HD with minimal graphical upgrade don't you agree?

After hearing about Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2; I wasn't expecting much to change in the graphic department; however seeing the bullshots of Sigma 2 was too convincing. Finally seeing the game in action- WOW, those bullshots were not a lie, the game did look that FREAKING good!

Ayane close HR (not bullshot, you can actually see all in-dept details, it's just that you are seeing it in Hi Res. You'll go jaw dropping if you zoom the camera to her leg chain mails for her Alternate costume!)
Ayane close HR 2 Look at the detail on the chain mail, it's best if you play the game in hand and zoom around her body.

All in-game, no Bullshots!

Now that I've pointed out the difference in looks for both games, after seeing Team NINJA handle Sigma 2, we shouldn't have a problem with Ninja Gaiden 3 looking half assed!

Though what I will talk about now is the difference between both games in terms of their game engines, what they offer and lack.
Let me just point out the article Digital Foundry of Eurogamer did with their comparison of NG2 and Sigma 2. And here is my take on exposing their fanboyism.

NINJA GAIDEN 2: Using the Ninja Gaiden engine
+Offers up to 16+ enemies on screen at once
-Downside for this makes the game slower, or drop in framerate.
-Lots of body parts on screen slows down the game

+Medicore quality graphics
-Not in 720p

+Real time effects
-Explosions, shurikens being thrown around, fiends firing fireballs etc all makes the game slow

+60fps cutscene
-30fps in-game and even drops below 30!

NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2- Using the Hybrid Engine (mixture of Ninja Gaiden 2+Ninja Gaiden Sigma)

+Runs in 60fps (V-Sync lock)
-30fps cutscene

+Better graphics

+Realtime lightening effects and shadowing

+Higher in polygon count

+Real time effects

+Less enemies on screen
-Makes the gameplay feel easier than NG2, though it's a good thing because Gameplay then plays like Ninja Gaiden Black, and it's also a good thing because game doesn't drop in framerate.

A lot of fanboys always pick Itagaki's version of NG2 because it offers lots of enemies on screen at once. Well I'm sorry but NG2 does not handle enemies on screen properly, ergo, other games even did this better.

*Ninety Nine Nights/2
*Dynasty Warriors Series
*God of War 3
*Dead Rising

Now these games I've listed, when they have lots of enemies on screen, the game does not drop down in framerate!

All we want for Team NINJA to do is make a Ninja Gaiden 3 game that looks better than Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and plays better than Ninja Gaiden 3. Grand scale in maps doesn't really suit Hack n Slash games not unless if the game is "Non-Linear".

Comparison again

NG2 a
Sigma 2 a

NG2 b
Sigma 2 b

I'm just only afraid that the Xbox 360's version will hold down the PS3's version since the Xbox 360 still uses the outdated DvD 8gb capacity disc. Not unless Team NINJA develops Ninja Gaiden 3 first on the PS3 and then ports the counterpart to Xbox 360.

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