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We love the arsenal of ninpos Ryu could perform in terms of magic arts.
If you ask anybody of their own personal ninpo Ryu could use, a lot of people will come up with a ninpo that can slow down time.

We would want the previous Ninpo's from all Ninja Gaiden to return to Ninja Gaiden 3 as well as new ones. On talk with the Ninpos, it seems in Ninja Gaiden remake, the Ninpos are more elemental rather than over fictional and magical like the Classic NG.

Personally from my understanding of arts and magic, I believe Ryu could perform all these ninpos with the use of ki/chi/qi. Channeling your chi together and using the environment to your disposal, and you can turn the essence of the ki to wind/fire/electric etc.

REMOVE Art of the Phoenix!-
There's a complain I would like to make!
I have no idea why the Art of the Fire Wheel was absent from Ninja Gaiden 2 and replaced with Art of the Phoenix. Phoenix ninpo was actually worthless! I have no idea what it does as I see phoenix birds hovering around Ryu protecting him with flame. The protection doesn't actually work! Everytime I use the Art of the Phoenix even at Level 3, Ghost Fish still manages to get pass the barrier and hurt me!

Please BRING back the Art of the Fire Wheel instead!

Someone named it wrong

Here are my idea of Ninpo I thought Ryu could use.

Art of the Evading Speed/Sonic Evasion-
This ninpo will grant Ryu to move 2x faster than before, with this my attacks and speed will be enhanced. Ultimate Technique will be faster in speed, dodging/dashing, running, jumping, running on wall etc. Basically this ninpo can be a good strategy for evasion. If I really want to speed up pace of the combat, I could just use this ninpo and start hacking lesser fiends at lighting speed. Of course it has a time limit just like every other ninpos do.

Even though the Dabilahro is too heavy, use this ninpo and Ryu should pick up in speed

This is also a good thing because instead of Ryu using the ability to slow down time, he is actually faster than time itself. Slowing down time will make the game more quite easy. Though making Ryu faster can give players option in different ways of using it.

Art of Raging Barrier-
A ninpo that makes Ryu invulnerable to attacks for a limited time, is this too much to ask for? The higher the level, the more it last in duration. Basically it should have the same time limit as of the Art of the Fire Wheel. What is the difference between Raging barrier and Art of the Fire Wheel? Since they both offer the same thing, protection. With Art of the Fire Wheel you are still vulnerable to projectile attacks and enemies with long range weapons so in the end you will get hurt. As for Raging Barrier, with projectile attacks and long range weapons, you do not get hurt no matter what!

This is perfect if you want to rank up Combo hits without being interrupted

Art of the Teleporting Falcon-
I was thinking about this ninpo, ergo, I thought it was too much for Ninja Gaiden or it being a ninpo. In Dead or Alive 4, Ryu had the ability to teleport wrap around the battle arena, away or next to his/her opponents. I was thinking, Ryu must be a Master Ninja to fully perfect that art. What if he could instantly teleport away from surrounding enemies? It uses 1 bar of ninpo slot, if enemies are surrounding Ryu, player could just use this ninpo and Ryu will teleport further away from the enemies. 1 Bar slot of Ninpo will grant a single instant teleportation.

Further improving the Art of the Teleporting Falcon I thought every time Ryu uses a ninpo that allows him to teleport, he could teleport behind enemies and instantly acquire an Ultimate Technique stance so this way it wouldn't be a waste in just teleporting.

Art of the Phantom Double-
Not elemental, ergor, this particular ninpo was available in the Classic Ninja Gaiden series, it allows Ryu to cast a double of himself that helps in. How about if Ryu could use this Art of the Phantom Double to cast a replica of himself? How will this play out? We can say an A.I will control the Phantom Double. Or we players can still control both clone and Ryu however the downside is that one of the player will move the opposite direction.
Unreal Championship 2 and Marvel vs Capcom had the ability to use 2 characters on screen at the same time using 1 controller. Though the downfall is, one of the characters will perform opposite directions. Like if I push forward to make Ryu

Phantom Double replicating the same moves as Ryu, fighting opposite of Ryu

What ever move you perform gets copied by the clone that fights next to you
Or you can just watch this example
Switch to 2:44
You can see how the female character splits into two, though the clone cannot be control and it's moving all around her, this is the downside.

Art of the Devastating Sword-
A friend of mine was talking to me about a new ninpo idea that I just couldn't grasp! He says it isn't an elemental weapon but it ninpo into a weapon that can be controlled.

Or we can use a ninpo to summon not only an Oni but a weapon that is way powerful and mystical (they should be scary and maybe evil)
This way you perform a fully controllable ninpo that looks cool, fun to play and add something to the game. Xino: when I say summon a weapon,I mean Ryu holding the summoned weapon and you controlling Ryu.the weapon will have its combo's and attacks.

From my understanding of what he's talking about, I think he means Ryu summoning a powerful weapon in the form of a Ninpo. I suggested quite a list of new weapons Ryu could use in Ninja Gaiden 3. One of them being the Disc Blade
Switch to 2:10
From the AvP version, it's just a long range boomerang weapon, but imaging Ryu casting a Ninpo like the disc blade blazing with flame. Ryu could do combo with it and as well throw it like a boomerang?

Ninpo First Person View- Slow Motion

One important thing I would love to point out when using Ninpos.
If Ryu cast a ninpo and I switch to First Person so I can select different types of enemies. The game should go in a slow motion so it would give me more time to switch to different enemies. There are times when I cast ninpos and I'm trying to switch to another enemy who is moving about, unfortunately Ryu will cast the ninpo before I select the enemy:/

When in First Person, Ryu doesn't give enough time to switch in between enemies

To Fix- When player switches to First Person view, the time should slow down so it will give players more time to move Ryu's view around the screen so he could target different types of enemies.

I know this isn't a first person mode, but the time should slow down so we can have more time to switch between enemy targets

Art of the Inferno Sphere
Imagine Ryu surrounded by 10 ninjas in a circle and 2 in front of him, what would Ryu do or how would he get out of it? With the Inferno Sphere, Ryu can cast this ninpo and will encircle Ryu with protective burning flames, leaving Ryu to duel out with those 2 ninjas in front of him.

How cool is that? this ninpo will be perfect for crowd control and allows Ryu to focus on couple of enemies without the rest of the packs interfering. Let's say Maskado Flaming Samurai with his minions Ninjas. If you want to personally deal with Maskado alone without his minions ganging up on you; if Maskado gets close to you, you can cast the Inferno Sphere. The Inferno Sphere will leave the ground burning surrounding Ryu & Maskado, if the minions tries to get close to Ryu they'll would get burnt.

I think this ninpo is a good addition to Ninja Gaiden 3, it works like Art of the Fire Wheel; thus the difference between Inferno Sphere and Art of the Fire Wheel is that Fire Wheel protects you from harm and allowing you to move freely. Whilst Inferno Sphere reduces the enemies approach though you can still be harmed by projectile, it works more like a `crowd control`.

As you can see, Ryu cast the ninpo at medium range next to an enemy. The ninpo surrounds Ryu and the enemy in flames so that other enemies cannot get closer to them. Enemies projectiles can still get pass through the fire and hurt Ryu.

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