Monday, 28 June 2010

New Gameplay Mechanism

In Ninja Gaiden 1 combat, the combat was built on steady pace, blocking, timing and knowing your moves for attacks on certain enemies. NG1's combat was slow and these feature is one of the reason NG was acclaimed for. Ninja Gaiden 2 in the other hand dropped a lot of features that made the game critically acclaim and focused the game more of offensive. Ryu in Ninja Gaiden 2 is more offensive than defensive and slightly overpowered. These things in NG2 were fine but we felt that it watered down the series.
Most fans will say NG2 combat is best, that's because they are loyal Itagaki fanboys. Surely everyone knows NG's combat is all about precision, blocking, time attacking and understanding your weapon's movesets.

I want Ninja Gaiden 3 not to abandon Ninja Gaiden 2's gameplay Mechanism but to adopt to it and merge it with Ninja Gaiden 1's Mechanism combat. Therefore we'll be having 2 types of gameplay in the game that occurs at different times. Meaning 5mins in the game, everything will be fast paced and we'll have to fight lesser enemies by being offensive (NG2 combat), and 10 mins later we have to be defensive against stronger enemies  (NG1 combat). Both gameplay will take turns.

It's just like God of War 3, how it changes combat most of the time. At a time you have to climb on enemies and use them as a bigger weapon, another time you will need to use Medusa's head to stone freeze enemies, again you have to run and dash enemies. God of War 3's gameplay is just that insane!

Switching to Ninja Gaiden 1 combat
Obviously we expect to deal with cunning enemies, sharp enemies with A.I and ferocious enemies. We expect enemies such as the Berserkers back. With these types of enemies, we'll have to block, time our attacks and understand what particular move in the weapon deals more damage to the enemies.
With the Berserkers back in NG3, gameplay combat will switch back to NG1 style.

Orges back in Ninja Gaiden 3, we'll have to dodge and know what types of weapons and moves work best on them

Meow! Please bring back the cats!

These Vigoor soliders have smart A.I. We want enemies with smart A.I. Hayashi was good at coding A.I to smart enemies in Ninja Gaiden Black.

Switching to Ninja Gaiden 2 combat
When the game switches back to Ninja Gaiden 2 combat, we expect to be more offensive this time than being defensive (blocking) and we expect enemies that are slow in attacking or weak.
Originally these lycanthropes are meant to be furious in their attack, if they still maintain the same A.I from NG2, then they can be added to the NG2 combat system enemy encounters.

 These enemies are quite slow in attack, these kind of enemies with A.I can be used in NG2 Combat mechanism

Again, enemies with weak engaging combat can be used in NG2 combat mechanism

Hovering machines equipped with rockets cannot be considered in a NG1 combat

I hope you understand what I'm trying to say about the switching combat system. NG1 combat system is more in being defensive while NG2 combat system is aimed at being offensive. So let's say in Chapter 3 "Sleepless City". While running around the town, you'll encounter Beserkers, this should mean you are in Ninja Gaiden 1 combat and you have to be defensive. After killing them and progressing, then the Fishes appear, now you are in Ninja Gaiden 2 combat meaning you have to make the first strike and be more offensive. It's a switch turn event.

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