Monday, 28 June 2010

Non-Linear Gameplay!

First of all if Team NINJA are developing Ninja Gaiden 3, it should be made Non Linear and not Linear.
For people who still do not know the terms, Linear is when the game forces to progress in a straight line all the time, you can't backtrack, regardless of the map being largly scaled, you still have to progress forward. Non Linear means when player is in a open world sandbox, you can progress forward just like Linear though you can backtrack to the beginning.

Some people will say this causes repetition, people who use the word reptition in games are retarded because every game EVER created in this world is always repetitive! That's one of the principles of games, they are created to be repetitive so you constantly and continue to enjoy the fun again and again! If you don't want to go back to a room full of Cats, you don't have to go, but I want to fight the Cats again to avoid finishing the chapter so early. Those are one of the advantages of Non Linear gameplay.

We don't know if Team NINJA will be using a new engine (which we hope) but we want Ninja Gaiden 3 to be open world sandbox just like Ninja Gaiden 1 but MUCH in larger scale! Ninja Gaiden 1 had sandbox maps (not open world/real time) though you can transverse back and forth. Since Ninja Gaiden 2 uses large scale map and built to be Linear, we want both to be combined making Ninja Gaiden 3 large scale sandbox.

Imagine having a larger expanded area in Tairon, you get lost and you need to use your map or the Guidance button.

If Hayabusa is to be included in Ninja Gaiden 3, all areas will be connected together and will allows us to transverse back and fourth

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