Sunday, 16 October 2011

Choosing A.I Partner Pattern

One of the thing I wish so much about NGSigma 2's team mission was to have the ability to choose our A.I's pattern. Many people would actually prefer playing Team Missions alone without a partner, however judging by the name 'Team', it would be stupid to play a Team mission alone. On prior to having an A.I partner, one of the good thing Team NINJA would have allowed was to make us choose our A.I pattern.

Aggressive: When you choose Aggressive pattern for the A.I, the A. I would fight on its own. Ignoring your calls and help. A.I would initiate ninpo without your consent, so if you want to pull off a double ninpo, you would have to do so when the A.I does. Sometimes if you pull off your own ninpo, the A.I may not want to pull of his/her own ninpo. The basis of this pattern is to make the A.I fight aggressively.

Offensive: Offensive is basically the normal pattern just like how the A.I fights from NGSigma 2. A.I would only pull off a ninpo if you do so, and when you are down the A.I will always try to revive you. The problem with this pattern is that if the A.I has a ninpo while you don't, the A.I would not use the ninpo.

Defensive: Defensive is basically making the A.I always defensive. The A.I will constantly block and evade while you do the killings and be offensive. When you are down the A.I will always try to revive you or can even pull off a ninpo before reviving you. The point of this pattern is to make you fight tougher bosses and enemies while the A.I partner steps back. Imaging playing Ultimate Ninja 5, this would prove useful.

Either we can change the AI pattern's real time during gameplay or having us choose a pattern before starting the match.
Not only do we get to choose a pattern, but allowing us to choose a specific pattern would change the tide of the battle.
Ninja Gaiden 3 will have Co-op missions just like Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

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