Friday, 25 February 2011


Further to the discussion about Ninja Gaiden 3's gameplay reinvented and we ALL desperately cannot wait to see the actual gameplay. I was thinking about Ashiko weapon which is a spike that straps around the ninja's palm and under-feet to enable climbing. If NG3 is a total revamp, including this weapon will aid it's reinvention. Why? what could the spike strap possibly do in terms of attacking and defending?

Originally Ryu can run up walls and run along walls, why don't we say if the Player equips the Ashiko's secondary weapon, it would enable Ryu to perform those feats such as running up wall and running along walls. If the Ashiko is not equipped therefore Ryu cannot run up any wall or along a wall.

It might seem like a step back, though in terms of reality it would actually make sense and become more realistic. From my point of view and with my ideas; I am trying to make NG feel and play realistic while maintaining the Ultimate combat of hack n slash other action ninja games lack. If you think about Tenchu; it's  a ninjutsu game just like Ninja Gaiden though it follows the path of being more realistic in terms of stealth since the whole purpose of being a ninja is to be stealthy. What if Ninja Gaiden is exactly like Tenchu (realistic) but with insane exaggerated combat? It would once again become like an upgraded version of Splinter Cell which is Conviction. It retains the stealthy gameplay but more badass action than ever.

Putting the Ashkio in the game will evidentially degrade Ryu's agility; on the positive side we can say equipping this weapon will allow Ryu to further run along walls or up walls for a longer time. We can even add that performing the Wind Run/Wind Path on an enemy would cause a direct stagger and weigh them down for an additional few seconds more.

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